The benefits of a 360° strategy for your organization are clear: it’s foolproof, customizable to reach different audiences, and provides coherence to your brand’s messages. The next step, then, is to start taking advantage of it by implementing it. Nonetheless, doing so might require a level of techniques and expertise that cannot be missed. From Midas PR, we share with you the main tips you should take into account when communicating in a 360º way.

Diversify your communication tools and channels

As we explained in our article What a 360° PR Strategy Really Means, a key part of this approach is to leverage different communication tools and channels. This is not to use all of them, but to choose precisely those paths that will work in order to reach your target audience in a holistic way. The greater diversification, then, the more complete coverage your brand will have.

Have a unified message, but personalized content

A 360º strategy is broad and all-encompassing. For this reason, it must have a unified message throughout, one that speaks about your brand and its values. This message is the one that will be delivered all around and, hence, will be the idea that your audience will connect with you. Nonetheless, the content still needs to be specialized: with a unified message, there is room for personalization and this is what should be happening in the different channels that make up your strategy.

Interconnect content across platforms and channels

Once you have your main message and your specialized content, the key to optimizing your 360º strategy is to link and interconnect content across all channels. For instance, web links can be used for this purpose as well as sharing content in the social media profiles of your brand. This will help you amplify your voice and arrive to a greater audience.

Constantly evaluate and make use of data to guide your actions

With the channels, tools, messages and interconnection, the first steps of your strategy may be covered. However, a 360º approach is not only about the first steps, but it is a constant path of evaluation. This part makes one of the biggest challenges: how can you know something has worked when it has been addressed through various channels? The solution, precisely, lies in having the proper tools for monitoring and evaluation, which will bring control to your strategy and will be the key indicators to improve constantly.

All in all, to implement a 360° strategy requires a team that thinks, acts and engages in a 360° way in every step of the communication process. At Midas we are experts in a wide variety of media channels and we have excellent expertise in an extensive range of communication areas. If you want to stand out and benefit from a strategy that is foolproof, customizable and coherent, visit or get in touch with us via email.