This is probably not new to you: social media is great to get the word out about your company, but it also brings risks. This article outlines four of the most common issues faced by businesses on social media and how you can protect yourself from them.

Human Error

Studies have shown that most of the problems caused for companies on or by social media are due to human error. This means people are clicking on links they’re not supposed to, liaising with sketchy accounts, giving out information that should be kept secret, the list goes on. These mistakes usually do not happen because people want to hurt your business, but generally, because people don’t know any better.

Therefore, the best way to avoid human error is to adequately train your staff on how to use your company’s social media accounts. Set clear rules and guidelines to make sure people know what they should and shouldn’t do. By setting up and monitoring standard operating procedures for your social media activities, you will give everyone clear instructions they can follow and drastically reduce the number of mistakes people make and the negative implications they can bring.

Not Paying Attention

This risk is very close to human error, yet has a bit more to do with negligence. If you do not pay close attention to your social media accounts and the activities going on there, you can fall prey to spam on your timeline, bad behavior of followers and trolls or worse.

This can easily be avoided by monitoring the interactions that take place on your social media accounts. If outsiders are posting irrelevant or offensive material, block them from your following and report them if necessary. To manage such issues efficiently, it is important to have a detailed set of procedures set up, so you or your staff can deal with problems quickly and consistently. Failing to keep your environment safe and pleasant for your true followers will quickly make you lose their trust and their subscription to your channel.


Social media has become somewhat of a playground for hackers and if your accounts are not secured properly, you are basically inviting them in for some playtime. Having simple passwords, interacting with the wrong people and giving out too much information in your posts are all things someone could use to hurt you or your company later on.

To avoid these problems, make sure you update passwords regularly and create ones that can’t simply be guessed. Installing full-spectrum protective software will also help ward off unwanted visitors. Go for dynamic web defense and a strong firewall to keep your profiles, your computers and internal networks safe.

Malicious Applications and Phishing

In recent years, malicious applications and phishing schemes have been on the rise. They can be hidden in direct messages you receive both from unknown profiles or from friends and family that have been hacked, or even in images and other media that circulate on social channels.

The best way to protect yourself from these nasty apps and schemes is to be very careful with what you open. If somebody else is handling your accounts for you, make sure they are well-trained in recognizing sketchy items and know what to remove without opening, downloading or responding.

Following the points mentioned above will help you keep your accounts safe while still benefiting from the many advantages social media can bring you and your business. Ensuring that you have carefully vetted and trained the staff that handles your social media presence and designated a skilled team leader for them, will take you a long way in making social media both fun and beneficial for your company.