As the name implies, a 360º communication strategy is one that targets audiences from every angle. But what does this mean exactly? Essentially, a 360º strategy is all about defining that one key message that you want your audience to know about you, and communicating this message coherently across a range of channels, tools and target audiences.

An example of a 360º PR strategy would be one that leverages the different media channels (paid media, earned media, shared media and owned media), in order to communicate one central message.  More specifically, the strategy could cover ambient advertising, SEO and sales promotion to expand your content’s distribution, while focusing on influencer relations as a form of endorsement, social media to boost your content’ sharing, and efforts to establish thought leadership through your website.

But how does a 360º strategy contribute to successful Public Relations?

A foolproof strategy

One of the main benefits of approaching your communication efforts in a holistic and integrative approach is that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. A 360º campaign takes into account the entire customer journey, from the Awareness stage to the Act and Advocacy stages of the 5A of Kotler’s Five A customer paths. Thanks to its holistic approach, if you lose a potential client in the first stages of contact, you can still re-capture their attention through alternative channels.  Or if your influencer relations strategy isn’t bringing in as many leads as you expected, you can still generate leads from your website or social media profiles. By meeting your consumers at all possible points of contact, you have a foolproof plan to reach your communication goals.

Customizable messages to reach audiences effectively

A 360º PR strategy doesn’t mean that your brand should be everywhere or reach every single person through all available means. Instead, it finds the most appropriate channels to reach selected audiences, to create an illusion that your brand is everywhere. This way, you have a PR strategy that is customizable to each buyer persona’s needs and can quickly be tailored to your customer’s preferences.

Coherence throughout your messaging

The magic of a 360º campaign is that all elements work in unison to spread one key message. All mediums used in the strategy are tied by this central message, that could be your brand’s vision statement, or a new product launch. No matter where potential clients find you, whether on social media or through your site, you can ensure that your message is communicated consistently throughout the mediums, and that customers receive your message loud and clear!

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