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What is a Live Event?

Centered around livestreaming your content, Live Events are virtual events that allow hosts to connect with their audience in real-time. There is a vast array of streaming platforms that are available across all devices: computers, mobile phones, tablets & even gaming consoles. They are accessible by all. Focusing on providing the audience with a feeling of being physically “there”, Live Events are great for press conferences, product launches, panel discussions, concerts, and other performance-centric events. It delivers the convenience of an online event with the intimacy of an in-person event.  If you choose to use a mobile device, you literally have your audience in the palm of your hand.

Where do we start?

We at Midas PR pride ourselves on delivering tangible results, based on your needs. Our first course of action is sitting down and setting mutually agreed upon Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with our clients. These indices are based on your objectives. Whether your aim is raising brand awareness, increasing your credibility, or rebranding your business, we can do it. From your key messages and direction, we craft the best communications strategy and content. We tailor your message to best fit your audience, as well as the distribution materials that accompany your webinar: social media posts, press releases, editorials, and/or byline articles.

Once we know all of our clients requirements in organizing a live event, we start with choosing the best platforms to use for a live event. Our preferred platforms include Zoom, YouTube Live, Hopin, and Facebook Live.


Based on the type of event you plan to host, we look at which platform has the appropriate features. If you plan to host a webinar, for example, we have to look at the functionality of breakout discussion rooms. With your objectives and budget in mind, we then decide whether to recommend a full-scale production with professional lighting & camera operators, or one reliant on a smartphone operator & a tripod. Both have remarkable Return on Investment (ROI).

Conducting a Live Event

Just like all of our services, we are there from start-to-finish. After deciding what scale and platform we’re working with, our audio visual team starts the preparations. As live events can include pre-recorded content, Midas-PR can help you create those materials, as well as ensure they are seamlessly integrated with the hosts’ programme. These include presentation slides that accompany webinars, animated graphics that go along with live performances, and informational videos about your organisation. Worried about technical issues happening on LIVE broadcasts? No need. Our technicians are highly versed in all-things-systems. We take all things into consideration: from internet speed, to what what what… Our team is ready to provide on-site support for rehearsals as well as the actual event.


Engaging with the Audience

Live Events allow audience members to deliver their comments in real time, essentially having a conversation with the host. Midas PR ensures your spokesperson(s) are well informed about the audience and the communication style that resonates with them the most. We provide you with a detailed briefing book which includes the target demographic’s current preferences, potential questions, queries you should avoid, and most importantly, answers. We also conduct mock-livestreams where our team members interact with you as if they are part of the audience. As for the actual event, Midas PR’s social media team is here to respond to them. This ensures the spokesperson can focus solely on their delivery.

Event Promotion

We ensure your target audience is well informed and enthusiastic about your live event. Midas PR uses our expertise in communications and social media coupled with our media contacts to get the message out. From Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, to traditional media outlets. We come up with unique and creative ideas on writing your traditional press releases to creative innovative captions, graphics and blog posts to promote live events. In the event of a private livestream, we email invitations to selected guests. All the content mentioned are also provided to them, but via private channels. Additionally, access links are only provided after they confirm their attendance.

In our 13 years of operation, Midas PR has worked with so many esteemed companies. Thanks to the opportunities of working together with these organizations, we have built up a sizeable contact database with members of all industries. This could be useful for building a guest-list, as well as sponsorship opportunities. Our team can help find the best sponsors for your event, and the most symbiotic arrangement for both of you. Thus, in addition to a wealth of keen audience members, you could potentially foster further business relationships.

Our work doesn’t end when the event does. With your permission, our live events are recorded as content for future use. You could use the footage as promotional material across your social media platforms, send it to larger broadcasters, or prospective business partners. We also facilitate the logistics of sending corporate gifts and press kits to participants involved in the live event. This keeps you in the audiences’ minds and hearts.

Still not convinced?

Organizing a live event can look stressful, but Midas PR is here to make sure it isn’t. Live events help you reach a new type of audience, in addition to all persons with internet access. It guarantees a rise in engagement, which social media platforms favor when selecting which accounts to feature. This effectively guarantees organic reach, and eliminates your post boosting budget! You want a live event to create a buzz on social media and be the talk of the town. We can help you with this situation for months before and after the live events.


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