Navigating the landscape of credibility and individuals’ preferred sources of information on technological breakthroughs is essential. In this blog post, we explore three effective strategies to cultivate trust in your upcoming reveal, considering the diverse preferences and expectations of audiences outlined in the Edelman Trust Barometer.

Secure thought leadership features

The 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer highlights global interest in the social impacts of innovations. Simultaneously, most employees expect business leaders to take a stance on such issues as future professional skills, ethical utilisation of technology and impacts of automation on the workforce.

Timely write-ups demonstrating corporate leaders’ thoughts on such critical matters are essential in laying the groundwork for building credibility. Given audiences’ trust in the media in certain regions, thought leadership content can be pitched to appropriate top-tier outlets to address the issues of interest to your targets.

Build authenticity and transparency in stakeholder communications

Authenticity refers to the genuine, honest and transparent interaction with your audiences, exemplified by being consistent in messaging, walking your talk, and expressing empathy.

The latest study by Edelman revealed a consensus that businesses should listen to concerns or questions to earn stakeholders’ trust in managing change.

Distribute essential information about your technological breakthroughs and respond to relevant concerns or questions online to garner confidence. Consistent messaging is crucial when engaging with the media or creating social content.

Authentic communications on relevant channels foster trust by demonstrating your openness to challenges, commitment to addressing stakeholders’ concerns and practising what you preach.

Leverage the power of endorsements

Audiences trust like-minded people as much as scientists, so genuine reviews by industry influencers can lend themselves to credibility building.

This doesn’t necessitate collaboration with celebrities or KOLs with massive follower bases. Instead, they can be content creators enthusiastic about sharing their expertise in specific fields and sustaining a community of like-minded individuals.

Business leaders can capitalise on the power of peers by having industry influencers endorse their innovative solutions. Pinpointing the right voices for endorsements will enhance trust in the solutions provided, corporate credibility and connection with target audiences.

While laying the groundwork for introducing innovative solutions, business leaders and communicators should consider targets’ preferences and the perceived credibility of different institutions. This ensures key messages are featured on the right channels and resonate with target audiences.

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