Public Relations Services. Our approach at Midas PR is determined by one major thing: Your Goals.

As an award-winning Public Relations Agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we believe that positive support from trusted journalists, bloggers, key influencers and stakeholders is a powerful way to gain third-party credibility, change perceptions, and influence purchasing decisions. A successful media relations campaign is about knowing who to contact, when to contact them and how to deliver a story.  Over the last 17 years, we have built a connected database of national, regional, and local media in Thailand and surrounding regions.

For every campaign, our Public Relations Agency breaks out of the box to create a unique Communications Strategy. We develop and execute leading edge, integrated, multi-channel PR campaigns. From building awareness to engaging your audiences, to announcing a new product or campaign, our team of communication experts work closely with you to plan, develop and execute award winning strategies and campaigns. Together with our team we have decades of experience in developing an integrated approach to communications for organisations in running successful PR campaigns. This, combined with our strong, long-term relationships ideally positions us to connect your brand with an engaged audience.

Public Relations
We apply a storytelling approach to Public Relations to help our clients maximize media coverage and raise awareness. We carefully craft brand stories that are authentic and impactful. Our team works round the clock to find unique angles that align with your target market.
Our Public Relations team develops strategic yet creative PR campaigns that are guaranteed to deliver tangible and impactful results. Once we have our story, we want it to fall into the right hands with the right voice. We collaborate with both social and mainstream media outlets that align with your values and are trusted by your audience.
Apart from strong local connections with local and regional media, Midas PR also has a network of agencies worldwide. That means we manage international public relations campaigns and coordinate global media coverage all from one central hub. The team works hard and proactively handles press activities and seeks opportunities to get your message out.
At Midas PR, we work with a variety of industry-leading tools to analyze and evaluate results to ensure we exceed our campaign goals.

A strategically planned PR campaign will highlight your company’s activities including events that help your clients remember who you are and what you do. It is essential to consistently remind the public, without the usual sales pitch that you are ‘out and about’ working on various projects or involved in other ways that benefit the larger community. Additionally, a public relations campaign can build credibility because instead of ‘selling’ to the public you are engaging them in conversation or inviting them to participate in what you are doing. This public exposure, whether it’s a Facebook post, a newspaper article or radio interview will draw attention to the ways in which you support the general public. This may very well be what distinguishes you from your competitors.

Public Relations

So how does the leading public relations agency implement this campaign?

We are passionate about the Public Relations Services we provide. That’s why we get to know everything about you first to truly understand every detail about you and your company. Then we work with you, advising you on best practices and delivering a comprehensive, personalized strategy that will not only help you reach your goals but surpass them.
We meticulously research and analyze your industry, gauge public opinion, and create impactful messages that share your story with flair. Through a focused PR campaign, we put your reputation on a pedestal and take you to the next level. Creating a focused plan that supports your marketing and communications objectives can address any challenge whether that is building awareness, engaging consumers or announcing new campaigns and initiatives. A good PR campaign begins by refining your messages, defining target journalists and key media outlets, and tailoring your messages so that the people you contact can easily understand your purpose and the value of the story. We understand how to generate the right stories, and we understand how different forms of communication work for different audiences.
The media are busy and are constantly being bombarded with information. To make sure that you catch their attention, we not only help you communicate with them effectively, but we help you prepare media kits they can take back so they have all the relevant details at an arm’s length. Creating materials that will spark the media representative’s interest all while keeping it short and sweet will help you get the coverage you want by making their job both easier and more interesting. Midas can help you organize one-on-one interviews after your press conference or get you invited to the media’s offices to present your product or service and get the exposure you need in front of the country’s most popular media outlets, be it online, in print or even on TV.
To reach the right audience it’s crucial to know who to talk to. At Midas, we know which media outlets are best suited to your needs. We have the insider knowledge of which publications will be interested in featuring your company or service and will make sure they are there when you launch your next product. Through our PR and media relations work, we have delivered the media coverage that our clients want – whether this is through television or radio, local or national newspapers, or the trade and sector media. Midas PR achieves thousands of pieces of media coverage for its clients every year. Our relationships with business, national and trade journalists – cultivated over many decades ensure that our clients see maximum value from their investments in content production.

Public Relations Services

Midas PR’s team of Public and Media Relations experts can work with you to create the best possible media image for your company

  • Identifying target journalists

  • Advising on how you present your story to the media

  • Creating your narrative and selling your stories to the media

  • Tailoring materials and story angles for your audiences to maximise your press coverage

  • Devising PR campaigns to deliver your desired objectives

  • Full media monitoring

  • Running outsourced press offices on your behalf

  • Production of corporate materials e.g. annual reports and websites


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