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Midas Event Management brings the golden touch to every event. From press conferences to product launches, from trade shows to grand openings – Midas has done it all. We create stylish corporate and lifestyle events that will suit your needs and wow your target audience.

Memorable Events

We don’t just plan parties – we create experiences, something that your audience will remember long after that fundraiser or forum has ended. Our team will listen to all your requirements to completely understand the type of event you want. Getting it just right will create a marvelous experience for your guests and make you the center of every conversation.


Event Management and Planning

Once we know all your requirements and what type of event you want to organize, we will draft an event outline. Then you can make any changes necessary and be sure the event will go exactly as you want. The whole time, the Midas team will be at your disposal to answer any questions you might have and help you out with suggestions. You can trust us… with many years’ experience in event management, we know what works and what doesn’t and are glad to let you benefit from our knowledge and expertise.


So how does the leading event management agency implement the strategy?

Countless events are held every week. Your invitees have to pick and choose which ones to go to and which ones to ignore. We come up with creative and innovative ideas that will attract even the most discerning invitees. This will make you shine and put you forward as a great host and event planner and also give people something wonderful to remember you by. What better way to gain publicity than by showing people a great time?

To reduce stress for you, we manage the event from end to end. All we need you to do is tell us what you want. With our contacts in the industry, we are able to make even the most extravagant wishes come true and are glad to accommodate as many of your requests as possible. We are proud to say that with the diversity of our team, we don’t outsource any of the event planning or promotion, as our team has the necessary expertise to do all these things in-house, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Is your company a non-profit seeking the support large corporations in order to host your event? Or do you want to attract a larger audience by having some great sponsors shown on your flyers and other promotional materials? Whatever the reason you are looking for sponsorship, Midas has a large network of contacts it can tap into to help you get the support you need

Even the best event needs to be promoted. We are glad to help you with this as well. Let our experienced PR team contact your invitees, reach out to the media outlets you want to attract and get you the desired exposure well before the big day. The more people in your target audience know about your event and how great it will be, the more of them will come and contribute to making it a success. Whether it is creating a website for your event or promoting it on traditional or social media, we are delighted to help you choose and work with the channels most suitable to you and your event.

If you want to promote your event, you will need visuals. This is where our graphic design team comes in. Whether you need a logo for your event, fancy tickets or a special booklet that contains all the relevant information about speakers at your seminars or sponsors of your conventions, our graphic designers can do it all for you. Simply tell us what you need and we will give you suggestions to choose from. Your materials will be eye-catchers and make sure your event slips nobody’s mind.

Organizing events takes a lot of time and involves countless details. Let us help you take care of the following for you:

  • Finding venues and getting quotations
  • Hiring necessary staff for the event
  • Finding caterers and getting quotations
  • Sourcing audio and visual equipment
  • Arranging for parking and security
  • Anything else you may require…

We also take care of all your third-party sourcing needs, including finding VIPs and celebrities to bring the extra sparkle to your function.


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