Influencer Marketing    

Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders help communicate brand messaging to a larger community. Their posts create awareness, as well as increase engagement more effectively than a general advertising campaign would.

Midas PR can match brands with relevant influencers– generating a lasting impact on our clients’ marketing. Typically, we use a two-prong approach. The KOLs use their established and respected reputation to generate buzz about the product or services, whilst using their expertise to contribute to the brands’ credibility. Influencers reinforce and distribute key messages through their large, and often-niche social media followings.

Our agency is there from start to finish. We select, strategise, manage, and analyse influencer campaign performances, in three phases.

  • Influencer Management 

Midas-PR is committed to creating a long-lasting and symbiotic  relationship between our clients and their community representatives. A deep understanding of your brand’s aspirations, and tailored influencer strategy is paramount to selecting the best candidates to represent your organization. The primary criteria we use when looking at an influencer or KOL are relevancy and authentic engagement.

  • Influencer Campaign Implementation

Our experienced in-house creative team will then ensure that the influencers are reaching their maximum audience through very specific guidance of the influencers. What to post, when to post, how to post, and where to post. Key opinion leaders can bring a lot of benefits to brands. They can help with social following, engage with native content, and drive traffic.

  • Community Development

Community development involves fostering a group of like-minded, passionate brand advocates that thrives on the brand’s key messages. The greater the trust an influencer has earned, the more positive comments they will get on their posts. Positive exposure from a valued people helps brands build and maintain trust among consumers.


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