Several of our previous blogs highlighted the global usage of AI and its implications for the communications industry. Inspired by the latest Edelman Trust Barometer, this edition of the Muse delves into a more critical issue related to technologies and innovations – trust in media, businesses and governments.

Confidence in the media remains in some Asian countries

When it comes to introducing innovations, businesses are more trusted than the media, as Edelman’s survey of 28 nations revealed that 63% of the people surveyed are confident in the former. In contrast, trust in the latter is recorded at just 50%.  However, China, Indonesia, India and Thailand are among the countries where citizens are confident in both institutions, with over 60% expressing confidence.

Taking a local perspective, according to Reuters Institute, Thailand has seen steady confidence in the media, with 51% of Thais generally trusting the news consumed. Their confidence was ranked first in Asia Pacific and among the top ten globally.

The perceived credibility of Thai media continues to provide helpful opportunities for persuading audiences through appropriate choices of outlets and messaging.

Peers command as much authority as scientists

Edelman Trust Barometer revealed a whopping 74% of people trust scientists and peers to tell them the truth about technological innovations.

By contrast, 47% and 51% are confident in journalists and CEOs respectively. Government leaders are least credible, trusted by only 45%.

Given the high credibility of like-minded people, communicators can explore potential partnerships with qualified experts and local thought leaders. While these influencers usually don’t maintain massive follower bases , their voices can lend credibility to your innovative solutions.

Primary sources of information on new innovations and technologies

Online searches lead the chart, with up to 59% of the people surveyed finding these sources reliable, followed by social media and national newspapers, TV and radio news programmes. On the other hand, only 39% think local media can provide trustworthy narratives.

These preferences present opportunities for brands to utilise the three main sources as primary touchpoints in introducing and earning people’s trust in innovative solutions.

As innovative solutions are poised for unveiling in 2024, the 2024 Edelman Trust Barometer insights provide trust-building guidelines through communications. Continue reading our next article to discover what the findings mean for communicators and business leaders.