Recommendations from influencers play a crucial role in driving sales, awareness, and credibility. In this blog, we outline three key points to consider when planning your influencer marketing strategies for 2024.

Authentic endorsement is vital

According to Nielsen Thailand, the country boasts 2 to 3 million influencers, ranking second only to Indonesia in Southeast Asia. With the increasing number and diversity of influencers, brands should carefully select those with distinctive and authentic content to thrive in the long term.

Also, allowing room for creativity is essential. Content lacking a personal touch from influencers or appearing branded raises red flags. Insisting on creative control can erode the trust influencers build with their communities, eventually damaging brand credibility.

Select relevant influencers

With the growing pool of influencers, it is crucial to carefully evaluate different factors before striking up any partnership.

How relevant are their content, storytelling approaches and audiences to your products and campaign? What is the reach their channels enjoy? How high are their overall engagement rates? How frequently do they upload branded content?

You should comprehensively review relevance, reach, engagement ratio and sponsored content frequency before reaching out to any potential influencers. These fundamental metrics will enable you to connect with authentic and best-suited creators who can amplify your communication efforts.

Stay alert to influencer fraud

A global survey by Influencer Marketing Hub revealed that over 59% of respondents have encountered influencer fraud. This malpractice concerns more than 70% of the industry practitioners surveyed.

Common examples include phishing, purchasing followers, or employing engagement pods. To safeguard your investment, consider utilising tools provided by influencer marketing platforms to detect fraudulent activities. For further tips on avoiding this malpractice, refer to our previous blog.

Successfully building long-term partnerships with influencers can supercharge your marketing campaigns. At Midas PR, we are experts in matching your brand with the right influencers to make lasting impacts.

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