We are here to protect your most valuable asset — your reputation.

We are here to protect your most valuable asset — your reputation. We understand that it takes years to build a positive brand name and seconds to destroy it. The way you respond in a crisis situation can either give you a much-needed image boost or drastically damage your brand. Our team takes a proactive approach, developing strategies that reinforce positive perceptions and gently correct negative ones. When a crisis hits, we’re ready. Our timely and diplomatic responses successfully protect your brand during the most pressing situations. Midas PR currently is the only Public Relations agency in Thailand which offers 24/7 crisis management services to clients.

Our PR agency offers Crisis Management services in Thailand responding to events including technological crisis, social media crisis, malevolence crisis, and management crisis, working with multiple stakeholders in various situations and managing media interactions and online reputation. Because of our continued engagement with key players, we maintain a strong network of relevant stakeholder relations in government and private organizations. Over the years, our team has helped businesses prepare for the unexpected with crisis planning, media protocol, spokesperson training and much more.


We have helped clients of all sizes and types to actively and effectively defend their reputation and respond to allegations from some of Thailand’s toughest media outlets including Bangkok Post, Forbes, The Nation, Khaosod English, Krungthep Turakij, The Standard and many others.

Our executives are happy to be on call with you 24/7 to guide you with the best crisis management strategies using a combination of experience and evidence-based strategies. We work as part of a team to quickly limit the impacts while taking a practical long-term approach. The team works together with multiple stakeholders to reduce the damage and help businesses get back to their daily operations.

Whether it is creating a thorough crisis management plan, preparing for a TV or exclusive interview, managing reaction on social media, or effectively communicating with internal and external stakeholders, or even Key Opinion Leaders, we will ensure you are prepared and your organization’s reputation is protected. We pride ourselves on an extensive track record of success and discretion.

Our public relations agency provides the following the services as a part of Crisis Management

With our media training we aim to protect the image that you have worked so hard to obtain by properly selecting and training spokespersons in media relations. Our program provides you with tools to independently navigate the media landscape. This includes drafting a statement that is newsworthy, accessible, and timely, and in alignment with your organisation’s communication objectives.

We believe that a crisis management plan is needed in advance to provide direction and easy-to-follow steps. At Midas, we aim to help you with situations that could damage your reputation. After all,  reputation leads to trust and trust leads to valuation.

Our crisis consultants provide an on-call service to advise & support your team to help during a crisis. They all have postgraduate qualifications in communications. The team is led by a fully trained GDPR, PDPA and Data Protection Practitioner with relevant international industry experience. Midas’s Crisis consultants are ready and willing to improve and maintain your brand image.

The goal of our Crisis Simulation Exercise is to make sure you are able to protect your reputation. We do so by running desktop exercises and interactive crisis simulations which will allow you to make better decisions by creating communication materials, media interviews, and other inputs as a mock scenario unfolds. If you have your crisis management plan, it’s important to discover if it’s sound, effective and practical. A simulated exercise is the best way to identify weaknesses and understand what can be improved. We stage realistic simulated exercises. These exercises will help you identify who requires additional training and up-skilling. Additionally, our exercises will also allow you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of your crisis management plan, allowing you to take corrective action and ensure you are much better prepared should you be faced with a real crisis.

With our Circumstantial Awareness Training, we make you aware of what is taking effect around the media and the industry as a whole. Our experts will sit with you and identify all the risks that could turn into a potential crisis. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the organization, the market in which it operates, and also of its legal, social, political and cultural environments. While identifying risks it is necessary to describe them, and thus present the characteristics of the threats in a structured way in order to allow their comparison and weighting.

Through a detailed investigation and analysis, our experts carry an evaluation of your existing crisis management plans, systems, and team. This is important to see how your existing plans align with standards and guidelines of the society you operate in.

Our experience includes:

  • COVID-19 Crisis communications for Thailand’s first food delivery service platform.
  • Crisis training workshop for the executives of the world’s premier biopharmaceutical company
  • Crisis management strategy, systems, training and implementation for a global health service company.
  • Advice to a multi-national cybersecurity and anti-virus provider firm in relation to significant data breach and client confidentiality.
  • Managing online reputation for the leading food processing and packaging solutions company.
  • 24/7 crisis monitoring for one of Asia’s leading airlines.
  • Crisis management strategy, systems, training and implementation for Thailand’s leading housing repair company.
  • Media and communications support, on behalf of a major restaurant chain in Thailand, for a customer whose safety was put at risk due to negligence by the restaurant.

We are here to help and defend your reputation 24/7 offering you a tailor made package specifically for your circumstances.

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