In the previous blog article, we discussed what newsletters are and why they are advantageous for any type of organization. In a way to reach subscribers directly through their email inboxes, newsletters can help brands achieve their desired goals in a very personalized way of communication. How to get the most out of them, though? Here are some important tips.

Spark curiosity and attract with the subject line

The first thing that your potential email reader will see from your newsletter is the subject line. With this, the first challenge appears: from the hundreds of emails people receive daily, your subject line needs to spark curiosity, be an attention grabber and attract — all in one sentence. Firstly, it should be clear and direct, since a long subject discourages reading. Secondly, customization is attractive: if the reader recognizes his or her name, as a call to that person, attention and personal connection will be driven to the message. Lastly, emphasizing interest is the key for your reader to click the email: think about including a question, giving out updates or sharing important information, all with the aim to provide value.

Maintain your reader’s interest throughout the body of the email

Once your reader has clicked your email through the subject line, you have an incredible opportunity to lead him towards your goal, as you have gained the most valuable thing: his attention. It is important to know that this attention is limited and most of the time extremely short. Then, the decision to continue reading depends on the interest generated by this area. For this reason, the key is to include your hook, offer or point of interest at the beginning of the email. The rest should be very visual and in a clean layout. Here it is important to consider the color scheme, the font style and size, and the usefulness and relevance of the information you are sharing.

Finish the newsletter and continue the conversion with the CTA

If your reader has not clicked away and has gone through your newsletter, it is your opportunity to lead him somewhere else and continue your conversion towards your goal. Here CTA buttons, also known as Call To Actions, are essential. Is your goal to sell your new product? Include a CTA to that product page. Is your goal acquiring brand awareness? Lead them to your website. Do you want to achieve more followers on social media? Ask them for a follow! The point is to include a CTA that is clear and sparks enough curiosity for your reader to click on it.

Complete and share your PR content and coverage

To have a thorough take on the advantages of newsletters and complete the circle of your communications, it is important to connect your newsletter content with the public relations aspect of your organization. In order to do so, you can share your PR content and coverage through your newsletter. This will make your distribution and dissemination easier, arriving to a greater amount of contacts in a convenient way.

Following these tips, the contribution your newsletter can make to achieve your goals will be completed. From the first steps, to grab your reader’s limited attention, to lead them outside their email inbox and to a different page, challenges are constant. Customization, simplicity, and interesting content are the keys to be effective. At Midas PR, we are experts in creating newsletters with the purpose that achieving goals. If you want to include this beneficial tool in your communication assets, visit or get in touch with us via email.