Newsletters are a form of email communication that businesses and organizations use to share value-driven content with their subscriber list. It’s a key communication tool in the public relations arsenal because it strengthens the relationship between the company and its public by keeping readers updated on new product launches and informing them on new developments taking place in a certain industry.

Email marketing vs Newsletter marketing

There is often confusion about the differences between email marketing and newsletters. Indeed, both use email as the main tool to reach audiences, but the two really stray apart in the goals that they are trying to achieve. Email marketing’s main objective is to sell, whereas newsletters’ main objective is to provide value. Email marketing will adopt more of an impersonal style, sale-focused communication, and include offers, discounts, and promotions. Newsletters, on the other hand, will take a more personalized approach, use relationship-oriented messaging, and will be sent regularly to users.

Why you should use newsletters

Newsletters are a go-to communication tool for most professional communications experts. And this isn’t by chance. Here are three advantages that businesses and organizations of all types can take benefit from:

Firstly, the newsletter helps educate and inform customers about your organization by communicating the value of the products and services you offer, highlighting brand attributes and values that otherwise might have gone unseen, or even helping address misconceptions about you.

Secondly, they help establish thought-leadership and expertise. By sending updated and relevant information about trends and news in your respective industry, you can establish credibility and legitimacy as an industry leader and supplier of valuable content.

Thirdly, they help build and nurture relationships with customers. Newsletters have the advantage of being easily customizable to fit the interests and needs of your different target audiences. As you make a point of consistently sharing engaging content to subscribers, your newsletter can add value to your customers’ everyday lives. So that over time, clients develop trust and unrivaled loyalty to your business and brand.

Newsletters can help build your brand, establish thought-leadership, and help forge strong and lasting connections with clients. At Midas PR, we are experts in creating newsletters that add-value to your brand and your brand’s relationships. If you want to include newsletters to your package of communication assets, visit or get in touch with us via email.