you go girl

It appears that women have only been receiving their very well-deserved praise in the public in recent decades, even though we’ve been accomplishing great feats for millenia. It’s only the ‘first female-’s or ‘super-’s who receive applause from the masses. It’s almost like there are limited spaces at the top for us. In a time where women need to work twice as hard to be recognised for any of our achievements, it’s time to stick together for further leadership roles and confidence in our personal life. There is an abundance of good that can come from building supportive relationships with other women. 

Collective Understanding 

With any woman you speak to, there will already be a certain amount of understanding. There are a myriad of collective experiences unique only to women. The mutual understanding of so many nuances will surely provide a sense of comfort and ease in all your conversations. There are so many things you would not have to explain. This is not to say that you will not find the same in male friends. It’s that supporting other women means placing people who understand so much more about your body, your mindset and your struggles in positions of power.

Strength in Numbers 

There is nothing more powerful than a team of driven individuals working towards a collective goal. You have a whole group of supporters who will amplify your message, and you can help communicate theirs. Each person in your team can encourage each other to take on a more leadership role. Our work can sometimes get overshadowed so it’s important to support each other’s success. Encouraging each other success does bring each other joy but more importantly the confidence of being seen and letting your voice being heard. Support your colleagues during a meeting, make a statement when your colleague does a good presentation or have a big sale. Do not feel let down or feel jealousy about other success, but encourage them to reach for the stars.

Strength in Numbers

Inner Peace 

Adopting an attitude of encouragement will not only bring you new friends, but also joy. By supporting other women, you will have a mindset of abundance. This will help you in ALL your relationships, especially professional ones. You are not competing with other women, but mainly all are aiming towards similar goals in life. To have a sense of rage and jealousy does not bring peace within mind and does affect your behaviour in the workplace and your personal life. Few ways to experience inner peace and enjoy life on a deeper, more satisfying level is to focus on you. Focus your attention on those things you can control, spend time in nature, be true to yourself, mind what you eat, exercise on a regular basis, do good deeds, be assertive and meditate.

Empower Each Other 

A confident woman is a powerful woman that brings changes to herself but more importantly; a confident woman brings changes to her surroundings and society. Empowerment is accepting and allowing people who are on the outside of the decision-making process into it. The sense of empowerment in a group of ambitious women causes an affect on each other to pursue individual and collective goals. When we give the opportunities and support to other women, you are not only adding another voice to your team but also supporting a very important cause. The more women can exercise power over their own lives, and in their communities, the closer we become to gender equality.