Work from home thrive from home

For our own safety and of those around us, we’re staying home. Though indeed adaptable, people are social in nature, and the sharp decrease of in-person communication appears to be taking a toll on some of our moods, productivity, and relationships. It’s difficult. At Midas PR, it’s highly important that our team members find the right balance between work, rest, and personal development. There are a host of benefits to continuing the steps you take towards maintaining a work-life balance, as well as a myriad of different methods. 

Lists Lists Lists

Lists, Lists, Lists 

It’s so much easier to lose track of time at home. Writing down your tasks and deadlines is extremely beneficial as it helps you visualise, then ultimately schedule your day! This does not only apply to work, though. Creating detailed grocery lists ensures you leave the house less, while seeing your workout routine reminds you of personal development. Use your lists to help manage your time, energy, and mood!

Figure out what works for you

Are you someone that can immediately focus once receiving a task? If not, then set your hours and let your colleagues know. Whether you’re someone who can focus for hours on end or are most productive in spurts, find out. If it’s the latter then customise your schedule as such. Incorporating exercise, meditation, journaling or other 30-minute activities into your workday can dramatically increase productivity and motivation!


Create a workspace

Whether it’s your dining room table, a bar in the patio, or a work desk, try to designate a work ‘spot’. Using the same space everyday communicates to your brain upon arriving that it’s time to be productive. Get creative! No need to worry about colleagues  judging your cat decorations, old pictures, crystals or essential oil diffusers right now. Designing your own workspace– sanctuary– incentivizes you to sit down and get stuff done.


We’re in this together. Zoom meetings are the best way to communicate with our team members, clients, and anyone else with a webcam & microphone. Emails take away facial expressions, tone cues, and gestures used to express ourselves, resulting in misunderstandings. Decrease the likelihood of miscommunication, whilst increasing interpersonal communication during a time where we may feel a little isolated! Additionally, reach out to your friends and family. Maintaining relationships with our loved ones during a difficult period can only elevate our moods.

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