In today’s age, social media has transformed the way brands interact with their consumers. On the one hand, the ability to have a direct dialogue allows companies to demonstrate their customer service responsiveness. On the other, it can also create a crisis if one negative comment goes unaddressed. Responding to negative comments on social media can be a terrifying thought for even the most seasoned marketers. One wrong word could lead to an influx of other negative comments. Maybe it is better to just ignore negative comments and avoid getting in an argument? Probably not. Below are some reasons why brands should respond to online criticism:

To demonstrate accountability and trustworthiness: Everyone is watching how a brand will react to negative reviews/comments. This interaction is no longer just between the brand and the customer but also between everyone else the post is visible to. Being willing to address complaints displays a company’s commitment to customer service and engagement with the public.

To gain valuable word-of-mouth: When brands respond well and consumers are satisfied with the response, they will share their positive experiences on social media. This further boosts confidence in the brand, as a single positive review from a customer, outruns all the positive things a brand can say about itself.

To build positive perception: Negative comments on social media impact consumer behaviour – even towards consumers’ favourite brands. Not responding to criticism can make a brand look unconcerned, whereas responding actively, insightfully and professionally can turn adverse circumstances around and build a positive perception of the brand among all who are watching. But to respond in this way one needs to be prepared — this is why businesses would benefit from contingency plans developed to address negative comments on social media proactively.

Responding well to negative comments shows that a brand truly cares about its customers. Remember, no one wants to buy from a business that doesn’t aim to meet and exceed expectations in everything they do. Midas PR’s social media community management can help you answer your customers quickly and efficiently. Visit our website at today for more information or get in touch with us by email.