Content marketing refers to the process of planning, developing, and delivering excellent and consistent content tailored to a certain audience. The aim is to engage visitors and increase conversions – the moment a potential customer takes a required action. However, while establishing your marketing strategy, it can be difficult to know which forms of content marketing will resonate with your audience. Our team has chosen three of the top forms of content marketing that will likely assist you in developing a strong brand identity.


When you think about content marketing, one of the first things that comes to mind is probably blogging. This form of creating owned content can help you improve your search engine ranking, build consumer trust, express product and service benefits, and much more. When combined with SEO practices, blogging has a potentially powerful reach. Furthermore, the time it takes to produce a blog post is minimal and the cost of blogging is therefore quite low. Companies that do not have a dedicated writing team in-house can choose to outsource writing of their blogs and still be able to access and use this value-for-money option in their marketing.


While useful, writing-based informational content can become tedious or too voluminous to absorb quickly. If you need to educate a group of people but have concerns they may be distracted by information overload or do not have time to read detailed information carefully, an infographic can help. Marketers utilize a combination of the following infographic elements to create a data-rich story: images, icons, statistical data, text, graphs, and diagrams. Infographics are a wonderful complement to blog content, as well as for enhancing your social media interaction. Because of the additional images, infographics are easier to read, absorb, and share; and they can also be more fun for certain communication endeavors.

Video Content (marketing)

The efficacy of video marketing in SEO and social media continues to rise. A staggering 93% of companies which employed video on social media gained new consumers. Some of the content marketing strategies in this list are best suited to either B2B or B2C audiences, but maybe not both. Video, on the other hand, provides chances for all types of connectivity. As platforms like YouTube and TikTok keep growing in popularity, video marketing will become a must-have for content marketers. Considering that consumers place a great deal of value on authenticity, you don’t need a full professional setup to develop lead-generating clips. In addition, you may reuse portions from lengthier clips on your website for your social media platforms that require shorter video length.

Success typically comes from using a variety of content types. Offering a range of content allows you to reach a larger audience and utilize content marketing at various stages of the customer journey. At Midas PR, we know that a professional and creative content marketing team can make a huge impact on the success of your brand. This is why if you don’t know where or how to get started, you can place your trust in our professional and experienced team to give your company the identity it deserves.  Visit our website at today for more information, or get in touch with us by email.