An effective Influencer Marketing campaign can increase brand exposure, engagement and ultimately help to raise sales. The more consumers become aware of the traditional promotional content they are exposed to via advertising, the more sceptical they become. The alternative is influencer marketing which rises in prominence due to its personal validation and perceived authenticity. Our team has gathered the 3 most effective tips to build an effective influencer marketing campaign.

Define a target audience

Strategising an influencer campaign becomes much easier when there is a clear idea of the product’s target audience. This will help find the right influencer for the brand – someone with the right profile. Influencers whose followers profile matches the brand’s target audiences are more effective in securing the reach. Besides, their personalities will make the messages resonate better with consumers.

Choose quality over quantity

Influencers with a high amount of followers are somewhat easy to find. The real challenge is to find an influencer who matches the brand’s profile, the tone and sentiment of the key message. Getting the right fit for the brand is what helps achieve the KPI’s. This is why brands are better off working with fewer influencers who have highly engaged audiences and whose interests align with the brand, rather than working with more influencers who have little connection to the brand.

Risk Influencer freedom

It is easy to understand why brands want to control the content and tell influencers what should be said and how. Letting go is hard after decades of traditional marketing with full control over messaging. But influencer marketing is a different game, where the feeling of authenticity is more important than the perfect alignment with the brand book. By giving influencers the freedom to exercise their creativity you can create more authentic impressions on the audiences, and in the end – more effective marketing campaigns.

If managed effectively, an influencer marketing campaign can energize and sync your brand within the minds of your target audience and that’s why we at Midas have a strong team filled with influencer marketing experts ready to help your brand succeed. Visit or get in touch via email.