For small businesses, public relations is a long-term investment in building a good reputation and establishing connections with stakeholders. In fact, good PR can help a business grow. Below are some statistics that will prove the value of strategic PR for business: 

  • Research shows that 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via independent articles rather than ads. Remember, placing an ad in a newspaper, magazine or TV is expensive, while getting journalists and influencers to write about your business won’t cost you a lot of money (although it does take time). 
  • 92% of respondents give most credence to peer reviews and user-generated feedback. Articles published by third-party are found to be more trusted as consumers prefer to hear from their peers who have experienced the product/service before. Additionally, a piece written by someone who is a thought leader brings not only credibility but also their audience to the business.
  • Influencers can contribute a lot to a company’s publicity. According to the 2019 Content Preferences Survey Report, case studies (47%) and webinars (39%) are the top-two types of most valuable influencer content formats. These build the most trust and credibility for the brand.
  • Forbes 2019 states that B2B buyers do 70% of their research online. Online media articles are visible on search engines indefinitely which means that PR content will gain more value as it lives on. By continuously sharing relevant stories across earned, owned and shared channels brands can keep their businesses high up in search engine rankings which can result in more traffic and customers. 

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