Things have been getting more visual over the last years. Marketers will know this, as the images and visual stimuli used in their campaigns are as important as never before.

This is why platforms like Instagram have been able to celebrate their incredible growth over recent years. Since being started in 2010, the app has attracted over 700 million active monthly users. That’s a lot of people you can reach on one single platform.

But is Instagram just for friends and family or is it useful for networking and promoting your business? It’s a fantastic tool for your business, and here are the top six reasons why.

Find People with Similar Interests

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and the stories behind them, and that’s exactly what 700 million users are doing every single day. People from every background you can possibly imagine share images and videos related to their interests.

And no matter how niche your industry is, on Instagram you will find people that are on the same page. Simply search the hashtags related to what you are looking for and you will see countless posts. Check out the ones that are most relevant and learn more about the profile. If you like what you see, you can immediately reach out and start building a connection.

Get in Touch Easily

Not long ago, Instagram added a new feature that lets you directly message every user on the platform. This gives you an excellent opportunity to contact people who might otherwise seem out of your reach.

Thanks to Instagram you can now contact thought leaders and industry professionals through your account and start establishing a relationship. This can be a great way to get the word out about your company or lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration.

Build a Loyal Following

On Instagram users have the chance to follow profiles of people they find interesting. If you post engaging content that captivates your audience, you will have an easy time building a loyal fanbase. Keep them engaged by reaching out if you want to get feedback on your content, ask about their personal experiences in your industry or if you are thinking of starting a new project. Among your followers, you can also find people to connect with more deeply and build a strong relationship with. They can turn into valuable connections or business partners.

Another positive impact of having a large following is that it will make you more attractive to people looking for new connections. It’s a virtuous cycle. The more followers you have, the more interesting you will become to others looking to boost their network.

Attract Attention to Yourself and Your Work

With Instagram being a purely visual platform, you can speak to your followers in a very personal way. By regularly sharing photos of you, your work and what inspires you, you show people who you are and what you are all about. This means Instagram can be both your calling card and your portfolio in one. And the best thing is, if people like what they see, they can immediately decide to follow you or even get in touch.

Create the Desired Image of Yourself

Another reason Instagram is a great networking tool, is that you can create exactly the image you want of yourself. Since you control all content that goes on your profile, you can tailor it to your target audience and choose to share the things that will make you most appealing to them.

Do some research and see what other influencers on the platform are doing and how their audience responds to it. If you think something similar could work for you, try it out. Be ready to experiment. See what gets you the most engagement and you will quickly have a profile people admire and respect.

Share News About Your Business and Projects

Apart from sharing photos, you can also share updates about your business and the projects you are currently working on. By posting an interesting image and explaining your plans in the caption, you can keep your followers in the loop and let them know if you are looking for partners, have something new to sell, need feedback, etc. You’d be surprised how many people react when you ask just a simple question or post a call to action that prompts them to get in touch with you.

If creating a presence on Instagram or any other social media account is something you want to do for your business but you really don’t have the time for it, get in touch with us at info@localhost. We would be glad to get you started and help you build a strong following.