The spread of COVID-19 has not only shaken financial markets but has also led to layoffs  around the globe. The virus is continuing to spread and companies have started feeling the effects announcing cutbacks one after another. This shock to the market has left brands at a crossroad, wondering if they should invest in Public Relations in this time of crisis. Many brands are cutting budgets across all lines of business. Let’s have a look at the checklist below which can help you with your PR decision.

Reconsider plans

The communications plans you drafted last month or even a few days ago are completely meaningless in the light of recent events. Eye all your plans once again, get a new one in place and keep reviewing them as often as possible. Remember that things are changing constantly and you need to be able to adapt quickly in all areas of your communications.

Give Back

See this emergency as an opportunity to conduct CSR activities. By quickly rising to this occasion, your brand will gain exposure and praise from consumers and non-governmental organizations. It will have a positive impact on your reputation if you also involve your employees. For example, you can conduct a DIY workshop for hand-sanitizers for underprivileged children and communities. Additionally, you can also partner with organizations to commit funds to other countries who are currently fighting against the virus. Do so by announcing with information about the donation, the beneficiary organisations, etc.

Communicate Regularly

Show a strong company culture. Be vocal about the fact that you have precautionary measures in place to ensure the safety of your employees, clients and partners. Your communications strategies should revolve around your brand’s stakeholders, identity and values. Be consistent and regular with your message, if you have teams across the world then communicate with them regularly — ensure everyone has the information they need to feel secure.

Be prepared

Lastly, always be prepared for the worst. In the current situation when anything can happen, no business can afford to be unprepared for a crisis. If your front-end employee is diagnosed with coronavirus, do you know what to do? If a gunshot is fired on your premises, do you know how to respond to media calls afterwards? Do you have a crisis plan, a continuity plan and a communication plan for situations like this? If the answer is no, it is definitely time you thought about developing it.

A Public Relations plan can help you weather any storm and come out to the other side stronger than ever. As a leading public relations agency in Thailand, our communication tactics can help you showcase strong leadership skills during this difficult time. Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.