There’s no denying that making genuine audience connections can be a golden ticket to brand success when harnessed correctly. This article explores how to infuse authenticity into your Pride-related PR efforts to drive a positive impact.

Know your target market culture

Navigating messaging with cultural sensitivity is crucial to ensure your supportive endeavours resonate authentically without causing unintended offence. Immersing yourself in local customs, traditions, and social norms will give you insight into what support is embraced and what might be considered insincere.

Brands like Singha Corporation have successfully incorporated authentic support into their PR campaigns, earning accolades and endearing themselves to Thai consumers. Singha Corporation’s “We Stand Together” campaign exemplifies compelling authenticity in Thai PR.

By leveraging genuine stories of support within the LGBTQ+ community, Singha positioned itself as a brand with a heart, winning over consumers and generating buzz on social media platforms.

What to amplify in your Pride campaign

  1. Engage with LGBTQ+ Voices: Involve LGBTQ+ individuals, such as influencers, celebrities, and internal spokespeople who identify with the community, in planning and executing your campaigns. This ensures that your efforts are authentic and resonate with the community.
  2. Be Transparent: If you are donating a portion of your sales to LGBTQ+ causes, be clear about which organisations you are supporting and how much you are contributing. Transparency builds trust.
  3. Educate and Inform: Use your platform to educate your audience about LGBTQ+ issues and history. Promote awareness and understanding as part of your campaign.
  4. Prepare for Backlash: Any social issue you take a public stand on will split opinion. Be ready to stand by your actions and support the LGBTQ+ community despite facing backlash. Have a crisis plan in place to address any adverse reactions.
  5. Support Year-Round: Demonstrate your commitment to LGBTQ+ rights throughout the year. Highlight relevant events, support LGBTQ+ causes, and continuously engage with the community.

What to avoid in your Pride campaign

  1. Avoid Superficial Gestures: Simply changing your logo or releasing rainbow-themed products without meaningful action is not enough. Avoid tokenism and focus on substantial support.
  2. Don’t Ignore Feedback: Listen to the LGBTQ+ community and your audience. Take their feedback seriously and make necessary adjustments to your campaign.
  3. Don’t Exploit for Profit: Ensure your campaign is not solely driven by profit motives. Genuine support means prioritising the wellbeing of the LGBTQ+ community over commercial gains.
  4. Avoid Stereotypes: Be mindful of the language and imagery you use. Avoid perpetuating stereotypes or making assumptions about the LGBTQ+ community.
  5. Don’t Disengage After June: Support for the LGBTQ+ community should not end with Pride Month. Commit to ongoing efforts to promote inclusivity and equality.

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