Public relations and email marketing cover two different areas of business strategy. However, they both affect how a brand is perceived and can reinforce each other. Let’s have a look at how email marketing can go hand in hand with public relations:

Email marketing boosts PR

Media placements act as third-party endorsements. Consumers are more likely to invest in a product or service if a top-tier media recommends it. Including a link to press coverage in marketing emails and newsletters can help reassure existing customers that they have made the right choice.

Event announcements

Event announcements are an excellent way to combine your public relations and email marketing efforts. Public relations focuses on sharing event news such as who will attend the event, what can attendees get out of the event, or what is special about this event. Email marketing can help in generating signups for your event and securing attendance.

Community Relations

In this case, email marketing focuses on making consumers aware of the specific content which revolves around a company’s contribution to the local community. As such, email marketing can boost PR efforts in building relations with the audience by sharing community event dates, community blog posts, or highlighting CSR activities.

Email marketing to get more media opportunities

In our previous blog post, we mentioned that brands/companies could use email marketing to collect customer feedback and other data. Media and journalists are more open to publishing stories with data and facts. Email marketing is a great way to run surveys that can provide excellent data and great ideas for articles.

Email marketing is often overlooked but is a vital part of PR. The Midas PR team can provide you and your brand with a strategic PR campaign, including email marketing. Visit our website at today for more information or get in touch with us by email