In a world where nearly half of the population shares their opinions on the internet, alongside their wants and wishes, all you have to do is to listen. Social media listening equals knowledge. It provides a wellspring of valuable insights on your brand, products, audience, industry, competitors, and content. Here are 3 reasons “WHY” social listening should be one of your go-for tools:

Engage with your customers

Working with an active filtering and archiving system means your opportunities are harder to miss. Clear targets allow you to build emotional relationships with your clients, strengthening your brand image, as well as establishing trust. PR crisis detection is a game-changer, helping to sound the alarm on any encounter or potential decline in perception, enabling response strategies to be put in place.

Know your competitors

The key to navigating in business is often built on having an understanding of your rivals. Social listening tools provide comparisons and measures of your company and your competitors’ feedback. A factor that plays a major part in a client’s decision-making is a review based on online activity. Demonstrating accountability for your mistakes serves as an integral part of building ongoing trust in your business.

Identify your influencers and advocates

It’s vital to connect to the people who positively vouch for your brand. By tracking the conversation surrounding your business, you’ll come across some figures who can attract new clients and portray your company’s message. Reaching out to them and winning collaboration opportunities is potentially a big plus.

In a nutshell, social listening is the process of learning what your existing and future clients are saying on social media. It enables you to create an image of an “online mood” or “social media sentiment” and learn of the way people see your brand and understand how they feel about you and your competition. Keeping a record of social media sentiment not only allows you to measure how many times your company is mentioned but also allows you to track marketing and product development activities. At Midas PR, we can provide your brand with excellent social listening tools. Visit our website at today for more information or get in touch with us by email.