In recent years, AI has emerged as one of the most progressive tools helping businesses become more efficient and intelligent. In fact, McKinsey’s Global Institute has estimated that AI could unlock as much as $2.6 trillion in business value within the sales and marketing sector.

Investopedia describes Artificial intelligence (AI) as “The simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions.” In PR, AI has been used for tasks such as media monitoring, website analytics, and social listening. More recently, AI has been used to undertake another critical task in the industry – writing copy for publicity purposes.

AI can be a contentious topic, particularly when used for tasks typically thought of as more creative or human, such as copywriting. However, there are undoubtedly significant benefits to integrating AI as a tool into the PR and communications mix.

Reduce writer’s block

Copywriters are only human, and it can sometimes take a while for genius to strike. Many hours can elapse before writers find the right choice of words for certain aspects of their content.

However, AI software including Jasper, Frase, or CopyAI are all capable of generating copywriting in different tones in the blink of an eye. These writing tools can effectively stimulate (rather than replace) writers’ creativity, speeding up the process, and putting an end to the dreaded hurdle of writer’s block.

Improve SEO ranking

Appearing on Google’s top searches is always on the high agenda of many marketers. AI can find keywords and topics that are trending at the exact time of writing, helping to navigate the algorithm and ensure publicity materials are timely, relevant, and more visible to the target audience.

Diversify your content language

The first press release written by AI demonstrates how effectively machines can produce copy via Natural Language Generation (NLG).

NGL enables computers to produce human language based on given data, and AI writing software can now provide text generation and translation services in diverse languages. Jasper, one of the top artificial content creation programmes, offers over 25 languages, which makes the broader distribution of PR material seem less daunting.

IDC expects the global revenue for the AI market to exceed US$ 500 billion by 2024. Many find its increasingly wide application in the communications industry exciting, but what does it mean for human copywriters, creativity, and the craft of writing?

Stay tuned for our next Muse article, where we’ll discuss the flipside of AI in PR and why it should be utilised with caution.