As companies continue to rely heavily on the internet to reach their target markets, a growing need for eye-catching, engaging content often brings up the question ‘where do we get our content from?’ among entrepreneurs and businesspeople. While creating content yourself is a valid option, simply managing a company’s blog can already be a full-time job. That doesn’t even include activity on social media or the creation of case studies, e-books and other marketing materials. To stay on top of all this and do it well, bringing on a PR agency can be a worthwhile investment. The following four points outline the key benefits of hiring an experienced partner.

Work with an experienced team

One reason you’ve been writing your own content is probably that you know your industry, company and product very well. This knowledge helps you create content which reflects the features and benefits you can offer customers. Would an outside be able to do this as well as you?

The answer is yes! By partnering with an established PR agency, you have the chance to work with people who have represented clients from your industry before and therefore know how to craft texts which resonate with your audience.

An agency’s writers will quickly understand what makes your product or service unique and write copy which reflects that. How can you be sure of this? They have years of experience identifying what sets you apart from your competition and know how to tell your prospect about it in a compelling way.

What’s even better, writers in an agency are backed up by a PR team which can provide guidance on your company’s PR strategy and make sure the content follows this approach. After all, you create content with the aim to become a trusted industry expert.

Save time and resources

Writing your own content takes a lot of time and energy. If you’ve ever done it yourself, you know that there is way more to it than just sitting down and typing up a text. By outsourcing content creation, you can save the time you would spend on planning content, researching, writing and editing it. All you need to do is received the finished piece and review it. Then it’s ready to use!

You could even take this a step further and go for a completely hands-off approach where you let your partner handle distribution and publication of your content on top of its creation. That way you once again have more time and energy to dedicate to what you do best: delivering your product or service.

Get all your projects taken care of

When we speak of content creation, this includes a whole slew of projects from blog posts, social media content and newsletters, to white papers, case studies, website texts and press releases. To market your company and engage your audience, all or at least several of these things are necessary.

To be sure you get it all when you need it and at consistently good quality, partner with knowledgeable experts. An agency which understands who you are targeting will be able to advise you on which products to create and directly follow through with it. That way you don’t lose valuable time and stop wasting resources on things you don’t need.

By working with one partner to supply all your written material, you will also create a consistent message and story. This will strengthen your brand and help set you apart from competitors in the eyes of your audience.

Follow best-practices

With a new tech innovation almost every week and Google, Facebook, Instagram and co. constantly updating their algorithms, it can be hard to keep up with all the developments. This is another important aspect your agency partner can help you with.

Think of how much SEO has changed in recent years, for example. Today you go about researching keywords quite differently than a few years ago. Knowing what’s new and how to adapt to it is key to get your content seen and shared online. A savvy partner can help you not only create content which ticks all the boxes but is also there to refresh existing texts.

For example, by updating an old post to make it easier to find on Google, you save time on publishing something new and still increase your traffic.

As seasoned PR pros, we at Midas understand the value and importance of fresh, interesting content. If you want to speak to a team of experts about your content needs and find out how we can help you achieve your goals, check out or get in touch with us at info@localhost.