Express Empathy Effectively

Possessing a skill and demonstrating the skill are not the same. While we are expected to consider how other people feel, our efforts are essentially futile unless we put those considerations into action. With so much going on around us and in our heads, it’s difficult to notice when others are holding emotional space for us. Showing an awareness of the emotions, energies, and moods around you will take you, your business, and your work very far. 

Listen & Comprehend

Listen & Comprehend 

One aspect of communication that is often neglected is comprehension. When we’re listening to someone speak, it’s common to simultaneously think of an appropriate response. This takes away focus from what the other person is conveying, as well as our ability to process what they’re saying. So, pause! Give your already-overworked brain a break and just listen. Your conversation will be a lot more productive when both parties completely understand each other. 

Refrain from giving unsolicited advice

Providing valuable insight and knowledge conveys we care about someone. When we’re being bombarded with news about the pandemic and contradicting medical advice from all directions, people may not be ready to hear more. Another excellent way of showing you care could be asking how you can support someone! Questions like “Do you want me to listen or would you like my view?”, or simply “How can I support you?” can make a large impact.

Watch yourSign

Be mindful of workload

You’re bound to know someone’s cues and behaviour when you spend 8 hours a day for 5 days a week with them. Be mindful of that when asking for their time. This does not mean that you cannot ask for help because someone is stressed, but that there are ways to be sensitive about it. Is it urgent? If not, then ask at another time. If it is, then it would benefit both of you if the request is framed politely and ends with “please”. Additionally, responding to someone’s emotional struggle with more anger is not conducive to productivity or personal development. 

Voice your concerns 

The easiest way to show someone you hear, see and validate their feelings? Tell them! Knowing our emotions are valid can greatly increase our morale and mood. Certainly, letting someone know that you appreciate them working through this difficult time can’t do any harm. Surely, letting someone know that you appreciate them working through this difficult time can’t do any harm. It is also a sure sign of respect! It also helps if you communicate how you’re feeling to establish the best action plan.

Voice Your Concern