Of course, you can always hire a reputable firm like Midas PR to handle all of your public relations needs. However, there are some easy and inexpensive ways you can help get your business noticed on your own.

1. Establish profiles on all the major social media sites
Before you can really take on the ever-growing world of social media, you have to take the time to figure out which social media sites your target customers frequent. Setup pages or profiles on these sites and post content regularly.

2. Create shareable, up-to-date content
By creating informative articles or posts, people will eventually start sharing them. Write these posts with your target audience in mind. Make it easy for your followers to share your content. Make sure your posts are easy to share across platforms. The easier it is to share content, the more people will do it.

3. Ask friends and colleagues to spread the word
If you don’t have any followers on your social media sites yet, ask your friends or employees to share the company’s content for you. You can offer a small reward to people for sharing links to your site by offering them discounts on products or services.

4. Offer bloggers free products in exchange for mentions
If your business hasn’t yet been seen in the news or media for a long time, conduct a product sampling campaign where you offer consumers free products or services in exchange for accurate and insightful reviews. This helps generate a word-of-mouth campaign and will, hopefully, increase sales for your business.

5. Follow and engage with industry influencers on social media
Follow and favorite leading members of the industries relating to your business on Twitter. Retweet their posts and engage in conversation with them. Many times, these people will engage with you or even follow you back. Try to participate as often as possible in industry-related Twitter conversation.

6. Establish yourself as a press reference
This is a great way to get your business out in the public’s eye. Work towards making yourself the reference for media when it comes to your industry. This way, when the media need to ask questions and get information, they will come to your business – not others.