While some people still see PR as ‘just another form of advertising’, it’s really so much more than that. While ads in papers, online and on TV can help get the word out about your company, they do fairly little to build your brand’s credibility in the eyes of the public, the media and most importantly your potential buyers.

To show them you’re a trustworthy expert, you need to do more than publish glossy ads. By sharing your knowledge and providing value to your audience, you can gain their trust and earn mindshare, which is one of the main goals of PR. Here are three tried and tested ways to move towards this goal and get the attention your business deserves.

Educate via media features

Why do some of your competitors keep getting featured in your favorite publications and you keep watching from the sidelines? Chances are this competitor is actively going after their features. This means sending many pitches to reporters for interesting opinion pieces or educational articles.

Why would they publish something you’ve written? Whether it’s a print or online publication, they have editorial calendars to fill. If you can help them out by providing a well-written piece which informs their audience about a topic they cover, you’re making their life easier.

Since you are the expert in your industry, using your knowledge to create informative content shouldn’t be too difficult. Think of the main questions you get asked about your industry by clients, investors or even complete outsiders. Where is the biggest gap in the public’s knowledge about your industry and the products or services you offer?

By educating on precisely these subjects you can not only start building demand for your offering but also position yourself as the go-to expert on these topics for your audience and the media.

Share insights in interviews

To further strengthen your stance as an expert, you can arrange interviews with media outlets. Written features are great, but interviews take things to a new level. By taking the time to meet in person with a reporter, you give them the chance to get to know you and establish a personal connection which will be felt by the audience. On top of that, giving your business a name and a face will help your firm feel more human and approachable. And who doesn’t want that?

A single interview can also be turned into two pieces of content. The transcript can be made into an article and the recording can be aired on TV, radio or a podcast. You can even add it to your YouTube or other social media channels as well as your website.

Now, you might be wondering why a journalist would want to interview you. After all, you are not Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates. Here’s the good news: you don’t need to be. As long as you are an expert in your field and have interesting details to share about your niche, new developments or current challenges in your area of expertise, you are an excellent candidate for a Q&A with the media.

Speak at events

Another great way to show up in person and position yourself and your company as thought leaders is to participate in industry events. Now, note that we said ‘participate’, not ‘attend’. Going to conferences and convention is great and can offer great networking opportunities. But think to what degree that would be magnified if you stepped up and became a speaker or panelist at one of these events!

By sharing your knowledge, debating current hot topics with colleagues and competitors and simply getting directly in front of your audience and being fully present for them, you build credibility and trust way more effectively than any promotional video or ad ever could.

It must go without saying that you shouldn’t be openly promoting yourself while you’re presenting. Apart from having a killer introduction which links you back to your business, let your message, knowledge and personality do the heavy lifting for you.

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