Storytelling is a technique that uses stories and their engagement to communicate a specific message and connect with the audience. More and more, all types of organizations are using storytelling and shaping stories in their own way. But what is storytelling really about? Let’s discover its founding base.

Economic indicators and trend predictions. 

Journalists enjoy data-driven PR because the appropriate data can be utilized as a financial indicator. Data that focuses on a certain industry or geographic location is especially appealing since it gives a local perspective on national economic challenges. Furthermore, public relations specialists frequently use company data to create proposals about industry or regional trends. Trend narratives are popular among journalists because they appeal to a wider audience. Even people who are not in your company’s industry are still eager to hear about what is trending and how it might affect their professional or personal lives.

Industry authority. 

Marketers and organizations love to use well-known brands to substantiate their claims. A brand can gain exposure by performing its own research and collecting its own data that then people can trust and share. However, in order to do so, PR professionals collect and utilize those findings to get your brand the quality coverage it deserves. A data-driven PR strategy builds your company as an industry authority over time. Firm data has weight with your audience and media outlets for multiple reasons. This added weight has a cumulative impact, pushing your profile past larger competition.

Relationship building and residual value. 

You may form strong connections with journalists and news outlets if they trust you can consistently supply quality data and research for their stories. In addition, each media placement has residual value, which is one of the biggest reasons to pursue data-driven PR. Reporters and journalists who are interested in a data-driven pitch will return for more story ideas in the future, especially if you pitch new data on a frequent basis.

Making informed decisions based on data and research is vital in today’s PR world. By providing abundant, high-quality data within your stories in a methodical and digestible fashion, you incentivize media professionals to cover your brand. Over the years, Midas PR has had a history of success using data-driven PR strategies to achieve high-profile media placements for our clients. Our Midas PR experts can utilize their analytical skill to create the best data-driven PR strategy for your organization. We can provide reports on the share of voice and what people are saying about your brand; measure business sentiment based on textual data by studying and analyzing sentiments, appraisals and impressions by people about entities, persons, happenings, topics and services; influencer and KOL engagement analytics and indication of ongoing trends; trendspotting reports that via the prediction of current trends can provide valuable insights and information on product development and positioning; develop, analyze and utilize raw data reports and many more. Visit our website at today for more information, or get in touch with us by email.