At Midas PR, we aim to make sure that PRIDE is a vital part of us. We strongly believe in diversity and are proud of the fact that we have created a place where everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, or ethnicity can reach their potential. 

When we laid the foundations of Midas PR, our purpose was to create an environment where all tasks whether big or small are meaningful, a place that shares and reflects our core values. Another goal has always been to contribute to creating an inclusive atmosphere for people from all walks of life including LGBTQIA+ individuals, women, working families, or even single dads. 

Midas PR is not just a company that talks about diversity. We truly embrace it! Over the years, we have had many people working for the Midas ‘family’ and currently, 11 nationalities are represented with 13 languages spoken in our office. PRIDE at Midas PR means being comfortable. It means giving a voice to your opinion and fearlessly pursuing those things that sets your soul on fire. 

This year we hope that Midas PR will not only achieve our client’s goals and make them happy but do so in a way that fills our team with PRIDE.