Staying on top of changes and understanding the driving forces behind the shifts enables effective targeting and communication strategies. This blog outlines three important factors influencing consumer behaviour and how they affect your PR planning and execution.

Media consumption trends

The Thailand Media Landscape 2024 report by Dataxet Limited, a media monitoring and social listening data service provider, reveals that the trend of fragmentation, which refers to media and content consumption across different platforms, remains this year.

Due to continued fragmentation, the media industry attempts to maintain relevance by establishing a presence on consumers’ preferred channels, adjusting presentation styles, and producing content tailored to meet specific consumer needs.

As traditional media adapts to changes and new media continues to thrive, PR practitioners should tailor their content production to different platforms, formats or styles to maximise the pickup rate and reach a fragmented audience.

The rise of subcultures

In addition to fragmentation, the rise of subculture is another noteworthy factor which impacts communication planning and execution.

By definition, a subculture is a group of individuals who identify with a shared experience or interest. This may include a specific genre of music or entertainment, cosplay, fandoms, Korean pop culture, LGBTQ+, and more.

Understanding the subcultures your targets identify with is crucial for crafting a message or executing a campaign that conveys it.

For example, to maintain its appeal, Vans, a popular shoe brand established in 1966, adapts to its fluid audiences by creating various Instagram accounts with content tailored to different lifestyles and interests. This includes Vans Girls, Vans Skateboarding, and Vans Surf.

The streaming giant Netflix added numerous anime titles in 2022 after finding that more than half of its subscribers watched this genre in 2021.

Keywords search

Grasping the keywords used to search the products or services you are trying to build awareness for is critical to enhancing the impacts of your PR outputs.

Using Google Ads Keyword Planner or Similarweb Keyword Generator for keywords research provides communicators with insights into their audience’s pain points and the associated key terms or question queries.

Strategically including the keywords with appropriate search volumes and difficulty optimising press releases increases the likelihood of media pickups and audience reach.

Publics are at the heart of any PR campaign, so keeping abreast of various factors that drive behaviour shifts enables informed decision-making by communicators and business leaders, facilitating creative outputs that tailor to consumer preferences. At Midas PR, we are experts in crafting campaigns that convey by tailoring our tactics to different audiences. If you want to learn more about the media landscape and create tailored campaigns, contact us for a consultation at or email us.