How do you find, recruit and match the right people to the right jobs? Has anyone nailed down a solid strategy to this? Well, yes. You can utilize good public relations practices to recruit star employees to work at your company. It’s more than just waiting for the perfect employee to come knocking at your front door.

Back in the day, most businesses relied on word of mouth and employee referral or on the human resources department. Nowadays, companies have a plethora of tools to help them find solid employees – it’s just a matter of knowing how to use them to recruit. Use the following tips and practices to make the employee recruitment process more effective for your business and ensure you are bringing in the right people.

1. Develop Accurate & Detailed Job Descriptions

This is your first step. If you’ve already completed this step – think again. You need to really make sure you have an effective job description for each position available in the company – even the ones already filled. These descriptions should accurately reflect the roles, the skill sets needed, and the personality attributes preferred. Each description should also list what kind of relevant experience could differentiate one candidate from another. Although this tip sounds fairly basic, you must remember that this information will help limit the number of unqualified applicants.

2. Determine Which Mediums Are Most Likely To Reach Ideal Candidates

After you’ve given serious thought to the type of person you want to fill the open roles available at your company, figure out where you’ll find these people. What social networks is this type of person using? Where will this candidate most likely be searching for job openings? If you’re searching for a younger, entry-level applicant, consider Facebook groups or job recruitment websites. Maybe the role you want to fill is more ideal for an older, more experienced applicant. In this case, don’t overlook targeted industry publications and local newspapers.

3. Create A Series Of Phone-Screening Questions

This one is important for saving you time! Compile a list of suitable questions that you can easily ask over the phone to potential candidates. The list of questions should be ones that will help you quickly identify qualified and unqualified candidates. Being able to narrow the stack of resumes is vital as you don’t want to spend all your free time (if you have any, that is) face-to-face interviewing potentially unqualified candidates.

4. Utilize Social Media & Get Creative With It

Everyone knows you should be recruiting potential employees on social media, especially if you are looking for entry-level or younger candidates. It’s important to never forget the big three – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are the obvious ones that have millions users and plenty of them are searching for new jobs. But these aren’t the only sites you can promote your company’s job openings. Get creative and figure out how you can use other social media sites to recruit. For example, come up with creative visual job posts and put them on Pinterest and Instagram. Consider exploring Youtube and Vine as a way to share videos about your company and the open roles you are searching to fill.

5. Curate Positive Company Exposure Across Various Mediums

Your company should be doing this all the time – even when you aren’t hiring! Celebrate your company’s culture! Develop a variety of written and visual content that’s main purpose is to showcase the company’s successes and events. Post photos of happy employees and fun everyday happenings around the office. The more positive exposure you curate for your company across social media, the more you’ll find the great talent comes looking for you!