As women in the workplace, we’re also judged more harshly and are expected to perform things with utmost poise. So when we make a mistake, we don’t prioritise forgiving ourselves for them. Rather, we focus our energy towards damage-control and proving that we’ve learned from them. Pushing the healing process to the side may seem like the practical course of action. However, failing to properly process our actions and emotions can make us more likely to repeat our oversights; but with more damage to our psyche, our work, and our relationships.

Imperfection can’t destroy you, or others

We’re so prone to self-criticism that we sometimes overestimate the impact of our errors. This is especially true when we’re working in teams. It’s crucial that we do our parts and do it well. When we do commit oversights, we should take responsibility and try to rectify them as best we can. However, the sooner we can forgive ourselves for our errors, the quicker we are to move on with a clearer mind.

You can better forgive others
While it is extremely important to be meticulous in your work, it’s also key to remember that it is impossible that we can facilitate projects with zero errors all the time. When we have such high-standards for ourselves, we tend to apply those to our colleagues, friends, family and peers as well. Being able to accept your mistakes and move on provides you with the ability to extend the same kindness to others.


When we’re so committed to being our very best selves, it can be difficult to hear that we’ve hurt others. Sometimes, we react defensively. When we speak from the point of justifying our actions, we sometimes fail to see how exactly our actions have affected them, and cause problems in the relationship. Accepting and being okay with the fact that we make mistakes will help us move forward in our relationships with more grace.

Overall Improvement in Mental Health

In order to move past difficult situations that still sit with us, we have to forgive ourselves for how we handled them. Affirming to yourself that you did the very best that you could paves way for valuable skills. This includes detachment, grounding, and increased self-confidence.