Social media has changed the way brands communicate with consumers. As both the digital and physical worlds start to intertwine, marketers must take advantage of social media as a conduit to connect with people and turn prospects into clients. This can be done through a process which is best understood as the social media marketing funnel, which consists of 4 major parts:

➢Brand awareness

The first step is to increase brand awareness. The goal is to have your content be seen by as many potential customers as possible. Many people won’t purchase what they see immediately, but at least some will show enough interest to click on the advert allowing the second step of the process to take place.

➢Buying process to conversion

Once a potential customer clicks on an advert, many social media platforms have tools allowing brands to track their digital footprint. This allows marketing specialists to understand more about their potential customers and customize content for them. For example, if they click on an advertisement and browse through the product list for a while, marketers can customize the next message based on the tracked data.

➢Brand loyalty

Retaining consumers is super important: Keeping an existing customer is always better than finding a new one. Gathering contract information and email addresses from customers will allow you to send reminders and information about new products. Some other methods also include sending discount codes during special events.


Social media levels the playing field allowing many small brands to promote their product. Customers will always compare your product to your competitors. This is one of the reasons why reviews are important to distinguish your brand. Take advantage of the social media to increase the number of reviews your brand gets. It will also increase the legitimacy of your brand.

Social media marketing funnels can look very basic yet this strategy has seen a lot of success. The execution of this simple method varies for each brand. Remember patience and persistence is key for a successful funnel campaign, our consultants can tailor-make messages for your campaign.