A brand community is a group of people brought together by their collective passion and interest in the brand, its products, and the values that the brand stands for. Building this community involves a structured strategy that supports the process on all levels. Today, thousands of brand communities exist all over the Internet. Most of the time, consumers take it upon themselves to create and maintain these communities and regularly share their experiences and tips. However, the question is whether it is worth it for a brand to invest time and money into these communities? Let’s take a look at why brand communities are important:

Makes the brand more personal

Talking with an audience directly via community will bring about far better results because it will people remember the brand, its language, the topic, and its relation to it. Direct dialogue humanizes the brand and builds an authentic relationship with the customers.

Building brand advocacy

Keeping your customers engaged and loyal is arguably as important as acquiring new customers. The more connected people feel with the brand, the more they invest in it, the more they are likely to become the brand’s advocates. Building a community ensures higher engagement and loyalty to the brand or product, thus creating more resonance which leads to advocacy.

Empowering customers

Customer empowerment seeks to create a feeling of importance in customers, making them feel they are listened to and heard. This also contributes to building loyalty and increasing brand advocacy and organic endorsement. A strong community often becomes a place where educated ambassadors can answer relevant questions, turning sceptics into customers.

Wrapping up

At the end of the day an engaged community is a paying community. In order to make a difference in today’s highly competitive market, brands must build communities that engage and can stay loyal.  Visit our website www.midas-pr.com today for more information or get in touch with us by email.

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