This is not the first time that Boeing has found itself in the middle of a crisis. It takes minutes for an issue to turn into a crisis if not handled properly. That is exactly what happened with the Boeing 737 Max crisis. Two crashes in less than six months have certainly taken a toll on Boeing’s reputation. If Boeing doesn’t repair the damage soon then its stakeholders will soon start seeing Boeing not as a Dreamliner, but as a nightmare! The question is, can Boeing still recover from this crisis? And how?

Let’s have a look at what Boeing did and what they should have done and can do to repair the damage!

What Boeing did?

  • Boeing showed no concern for victims in the first message.
  • No apology to the victims or their families.
  • Boeing adopted a tone-deaf response strategy.
  • Limited communication from the company.
  • Limited Spokesperson visibility.

What Boeing should do?

  • In our opinion, when Boeing first tweeted about the crash they should have shown concern for the victims and their families.
  • Even until now, Boeing has neither apologized for the incident nor offered compensation for the lives lost.
  • Boeing tried to keep the investigation under wraps. However, they should have been transparent about what went wrong, and what steps are being taken to make it right.
  • During a crisis, it is important to communicate in a consistent and timely manner. There were only two tweets from Boeing’s CEO and nothing from any of the Boeing’s lead engineers who might have been involved with aircraft’s operations.
  • When a crisis hits, stakeholders like to put a face to the messenger. Boeing’s CEO should have been more visible in the media and be willing to answer the questions.

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