As striking a balance between adopting generative AI in PR execution and ethical responsibilities is paramount, this blog shares some best practices for navigating the ethical challenges of AI adoption.

Implement existing guidelines and codes

A standard code of conduct is that the use of generative AI should always be acknowledged for the sake of transparency.

To ensure ethical PR practices when integrating generative or other forms of AI, such official professional organisations as the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations Society of America have published their codes of ethics and ethics guides.

These materials capture and address fundamental ethics issues, acting as a benchmark for communicators and business leaders around the globe while employing AI to bolster productivity.

Being proactive in raising awareness of such guidelines and implementing them in your communication campaigns would mitigate ethical dilemmas and related consequences of AI integration and ensure transparency in collaboration.

Frequent promotion of understanding and familiarity with generative AI

Since generative technology continues to permeate the communication industry with its efficiency-enhancing features, it is essential to facilitate the correct comprehension of these tools and familiarity with related policies among your communication team members.

You can facilitate their grasp of the capabilities, risks and ethical considerations associated with different AI tools by conducting regular training programmes or encouraging them to participate in online workshops often offered for free by several public relations associations worldwide.

Address biases and discrimination

According to PwC, a team of diverse backgrounds, demographics, and ethnicities is more likely to notice different biases in creative outputs generated by AI tools and minimise oversight. Refer to our previous blog on how embracing diversity is key to successful PR and communication.

In addition, you can train data systems to be inclusive and representative of audiences by diversifying your sources and inputs or asking community members for their perspectives.

By striving to address biases, businesses can ensure their messages resonate with all targets while avoiding perpetuating stereotypes and discriminatory communication.

Embracing the ever-evolving generative AI while adhering to ethical standards is a mandate for businesses committed to transparency, inclusivity, and integrity in communications.

As AI continues transforming the world’s creative industry, a learning mindset focused on constantly grasping the pros and cons of the tools and prioritising a human touch in decision-making will be essential to minimising ethical dilemmas and reputational risks.

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