Christmas is a very special time of year for many people and makes them act differently than the rest of the year. This means you will need an adapted PR campaign to ensure you relate well to your customers, build brand awareness and achieve the goals your company has set for this season. Here are some ideas you can incorporate in your campaign that will help you do exactly that.

1) Show Your Sharing Spirit

Around Christmas time people think less about themselves and more about others. They look for suitable gifts and want to spread joy and happiness among their friends, family and often the less fortunate. This is something you should address in your campaign. Show customers how your product or service will benefit the recipient of your gift, or how buying from you will have a positive impact on someone in need.

2) Appeal to the Sense of Nostalgia

Christmas is a time when people remember happy childhood memories of spending time with their parents, grandparents, close friends and neighbors. Show them how you can bring those happy times back for them and how your product or service will help them make new cherished memories with the people that are most important to them. Today there are many possibilities to do this. You could set up a microsite, create and share GIFs or even create a video.

3) Evoke Emotions

Christmas and the end of the year can be a very emotional time for your customers. Appeal to this state of mind in a tasteful way and you are sure to get their attention and build awareness of your brand. You can do this by invoking feelings of compassion, love and kindness, and linking those feelings to your product or service. Show customers how you will help them live out their emotions in a meaningful way and they will be glad to give you their business.

4) Simply Delight People

Christmas is not a time for moping around. During this time people want to be happy, spend a good time with their loved ones and have (too much) good food. Show them how you will make this easy and fun for them. Is there a unique way your product or service can help people make their holidays more relaxed, enjoyable, memorable or meaningful? Show your customers how you can delight them and you are on your way to becoming their new holiday favorite.