With tight budgets it can be difficult for startups to get media coverage. Financial constraints often limit startups to hiring few people for few departments: primarily production and business development. Entrepreneurs sometimes forget that PR is one of the most effective ways to tell their story. It is a powerhouse to generate buzz about the business on various interactive platforms. A well-placed op-ed on your company could lead to a successful round of investment or the right employee walking through the door. You can use these tips to help your startup generate the necessary press for success.

  1. Start Early: Thinking of investing in PR, but only once your business is up and running? We advise you against it. Use PR to your advantage. Implementing a PR plan from the start will create a buzz about your services long before you launch in the market. It will allow you to build relationships with media, which will later help you.
  2. Startup story: Everyone struggles. Your audience would like to know about all the steps it took for you to get to where you are now. Your highest and lowest points. To do this, you don’t necessarily need to tell your story in chronological order, but rather answer questions like: why did you start this company? How did you get the idea? Where and when did you see the gap in the market?
  3. Be choosy: Refrain from sending out press releases every week. Be picky! Find what is unique and truly newsworthy that your audience and investors would like to know. This is the time where you need to find the right angle to approach a journalist, such as the startup launch, product/service launch, or investment and partnership opportunities. Once you have an idea of what is newsworthy for your audience, it will be easier to define the key message as well.
  4. Pitch smart: Your pitch needs to be short, to the point and memorable. This approach works well with journalists if they fully understand the concept of your startup. Then your pitch can grab their attention. Having data and numbers will make your pitch stand out. For example, if you have launched an app and want the journalist to publish the press release rather than saying XX launches new phone application you can say XX app’s received 2,300,222 downloads in just four days

Launching up a startup comes with great responsibility. As an entrepreneur you are accountable to investors, partners, board members and your employees. By implementing these simple tips, you can give a head start to your communications strategy, or leave it to a professional PR agency. Visit our website www.midas-pr.comtoday for more information or get in touch with us by email.