Considering the importance of identifying the correct metrics and bolstering awareness of existing evaluation tools and models, this blog summarises the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework basics and its significance.

What is the Integrated Evaluation Framework (IEF)?

IEF is designed to streamline campaign design and evaluation, emphasising outcomes and impacts.

Rather than being used at the final stage of a campaign for evaluation, the real value of the Framework lies in its real-time application during early campaign planning, the development of each activity and evaluation afterwards.

What are the components of the framework?

IEF details seven elements that guide you on:

  • Setting specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) objectives
  • Defining your primary target audiences and gathering necessary materials for campaign design
  • Specifying the activities that help achieve your objectives across different channels
  • Identify the materials your target audiences received, ranging from media coverage, events, or websites.
  • Noting early responses from the audiences in the form of attention, awareness, engagement, and consideration, to name a few.
  • Observing the effects your communication tactics have on the targets. Is there an attitude change? Does the audience express their advocacy for the issue conveyed to them through various media channels?
  • Recording the direct contributions made to your organisational goals

Why should IEF be utilised?

IEF is a flexible framework for various communication scenarios, ranging from commercial to public sector, B2C to B2B, lead generation to brand building, and campaigning to lobbying.

Besides showcasing your campaign’s impacts, the framework encourages communicators to consider suitable measurements and metrics that align with their objectives from the outset. This holistic evaluation model enables a comprehensive understanding of successes and areas for improvement.

With the changing media landscape and fragmented audiences, applying a globally recognised evaluation framework becomes essential for effective short-term and long-term planning and measurement. At Midas PR, we are part of the regional advocacy towards using the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework to ensure that communication impacts are highlighted with the right metrics.

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