The rapid surge in technological development in these modern times has drastically altered many aspects of society, commerce and even everyday life, rendering them unrecognizable from just a decade ago. This, being especially true in the area of communications, Public Relations is one such field that has experienced significant industry disruption-related changes in recent years. These began with the advent of the internet and its myriad online media outlets, gaining momentum in the web’s now ubiquitous cyber-evolutionary offspring, social media. Another promising new advancement, AI (artificial intelligence), although still in its early stages, is already grabbing headlines in the tech and mainstream media. This article outlines the three specific ways AI is expected affect the PR field.

AI will help with “routine chores” of PR business

Given that creating reports, undertaking research and other routine tasks typically comprise a PR company’s “meat and potatoes”, they require significant investment of time and human resources.

But it is their very nature that makes these repetitive and time-consuming tasks the perfect candidates for the efficiency-enhancing benefits that AI brings to the table.

With the steady improvement of AI’s capacity and capabilities, and resulting customized software becoming increasingly available, PR professionals will soon be able to delegate specialized work designed to collect specific types of data, contact information and any measurable metrics to AI technology. This will make tasks such as creating media lists, disseminating news releases and media monitoring be accomplished much faster, more efficiently and with higher accuracy.

An example can be found in US-based news agency Associated Press. The global news organization has applied AI technology in the creation of income reports, budgeting and even result summaries of Minor League baseball games.

AI will make processing data faster

Letting AI take over tasks such as media monitoring and other data-collection focused tasks will give PR professionals better access to precisely the data needed for a clear understanding of a campaign’s performance and any fine-tuning that may be required. Relying on an AI system to search for narrowly defined information — and present it in a reader-friendly format — will markedly speed up the process of analyzing and interpreting data from simultaneous and multiple of channels, making possible a more comprehensive overall view delivered in significantly less time.

Prompt evaluation of a particular article, social media post or ‘ad gets’ affords a clearer understanding of target audience preferences and allows pinpoint performance updates used to measure campaign outcomes. The result is better suited, more individualized campaigns with longer niches that speak to potential buyers at a personal level, something that promises to be well received and much appreciated in the PR community.

AI will free up PR professionals’ valuable time

Accomplishing these mundane, non-organic yet vital tasks with AI technology will allow PR teams to provide full attention to tasks that require creative thinking and innovative approaches. So while AI can help boost efficiency and speed of work, it cannot reasonably be considered as a viable replacement for humans in the PR field.

Therefore, the true value of AI technology lies in how it allows us to focus on what we in the business know to be the very essence of public relations: building relationships with the clientele. With more time at their disposal, PR professionals will not only be able to concentrate on the creative aspects of their campaigns, but also vital person-to-person duties — networking and socializing with media partners, clients and members of their all-important target audience.

While the significance of the other AI benefits to the PR field cannot be overstated, time-management enhancement is probably the most important because it makes possible more opportunities to express a personal touch in an age when an arguable over-reliance on digital communication often diminishes the element of human contact in the client relationship.

We are the kind of PR partner that embraces the technological innovations while placing a high premium on fostering solid connections and nurturing our relationships. If this approach is right for you, we’d be happy to discuss your goals and expectations.