The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of an employer brand during a crisis. However, there is no playbook for this unprecedented time. Employer branding significantly affects the volume and quality of applicants a company attracts. It makes a difference in employee productivity, job satisfaction, and retention. In today’s time, candidates want to know the company’s inner workings, the culture, team, and much more. PR peeps and recruiters can combine their skills and knowledge to give candidates the supporting information they want. Here are some tips on building valuable employer branding content for the company’s overall PR efforts

Help with Glassdoor

Bad comments and reviews on Glassdoor can harm an organization’s corporate reputation. Collaborate with a PR agency to help create accurate executive responses to critical comments and complaints on Glassdoor. It has been proven again and again that employer credibility improves significantly when companies respond appropriately. PR and the HR department can work with top management to address valid criticisms and make actual changes.

Help with events

By getting a professional PR agency on board, companies can take advantage of the agency’s event management knowledge and skills to help the recruiting team plan and host tailored online and offline recruiting events. Pro tip: PR agencies and account managers come with loads of connections that can help network and spread the word.

Highlight compelling people and work

HR has a bottomless pool of talented people, and a PR agency has tools to make them stand out through interviews, featured article opportunities and social media posts. Staff-produced content is far more attractive to potential employees than what the company says about itself.

Establishing and maintaining a positive employer brand benefits current and future employees. A strategic PR plan and combined effort can help companies stand out. Visit or get in touch with us via email.