Reputation marketing can turn earned positive media mentions and good online reviews into campaigns and case studies. Remember, a brand’s reputation is based entirely on what others say about it — one cannot control the “voice of the customer”. Below are some tips which will help you with your reputation marketing:

 Get more positive reviews

Reputation marketing is about flaunting positive feedback — great reviews improve conversions throughout your entire marketing funnel. There are many ways to get reviews. As an organisation, you can use website feedback, social media interactions and digital surveys. Additionally, you can also ask clients to review products/services on Google and Facebook. Online review sites can be a powerful marketing tool when filled with positive customer reviews.

 Control negative reviews

According to a Harvard Business School working paper, every additional one-star Yelp rating causes an increase in business revenue as high as 9%. However, if you have had bad reviews online, the likelihood of potential customers reading those are extremely high. To maintain your foothold in the market, get back to customers who leave bad reviews.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Social and environmental activities are a strong reputation marketing tool that should not be overlooked. Remember, consumers want to buy from brands “who care”. Even the media will be eager to feature stories about brands who are giving back to the community.

Reputation marketing is not about running away from negative coverage — it is about displaying and promoting positive feedback from real-time consumers.  Visit our website today for more information or get in touch with us by email.