Have you ever admired a fellow businessperson who just received a first industry award and wondered how you could achieve the same? Do you wonder why some companies receive prizes over others or whether it’s even necessary to bother trying to get one for your company? Then wonder no more because we’ll shed some light on the why and how of business awards in the following article.

Which Companies and Businesspeople Should Apply for Awards

Awards are a great way to get good PR for every type of business and in every industry because they invariably put you in the spotlight. However, winning prizes can be more important for some companies than for others. For example, if your business operates in a sector that does not get frequent coverage in the media, getting recognition in your field via an award is a great way to draw attention. While the resulting media features are one benefit, it’s also a great way to get on the radar of potential new clients and/or future business partners.

Why Winning Accolades is So Great for PR

Apart from the obvious reason that winning prizes can get you mentioned in leading publications, there are several more things to be said for it. For one thing, rewards are relevant for longer than press features. A “Company of the Year” award, for example, will impress clients the whole year round, while a six-month-old clipping might look outdated even if it highlights your company’s strengths.

Another reason is that getting official recognition provides powerful social proof that can attract attention from your niche. Potential clients in need of your products or services might be browsing the lists of winners and nominees to see who the top performers in your industry are. If your name is on one of these lists, you have a good chance of receiving new inquiries.

Sometimes this kind of recognition can go a longer way than a press clipping because it reaches your target audience directly and establishes you as an industry leader. This, in turn, can lead to the media reaching out to you in the future if they need information about trends and news in your domain.

Another benefit of winning awards it that it greatly boosts morale and brings your team closer together. Having their efforts recognized publicly will show them that their hard work pays off and will motivate them to keep up their great performance. They will be proud to share this great news with friends and family, further helping to get the word out and often attracting new talent to apply.

How to Increase the Chances of Being Nominated for Awards

Awards come to people and companies who make a conscious effort to be in the public eye. This means that even if you are the best in your niche but don’t work hard enough to get the word out, you are risking missing out on potential nominations.

So, what do we mean by “being in the public eye”? Depending on your company and industry, this can include a variety of different things such as sending out regular news releases and holding media events to get coverage, being active on suitable social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, running a blog on your website and participating in impactful corporate social responsibility campaigns. If this all sounds like a bit much, your PR partner can give you good advice on which of these approaches you should start with.

Proactively Applying for Business Awards

While the idea of being nominated for a prize because you caught the eye of a committee is great, there is another proactive way that can increase your chances: applying for awards.

The first step is to conduct research. Find out which prizes you could qualify for and what prerequisites you need to fulfill to be able to apply. Awards to consider include those specific to your industry, both locally, regionally, countrywide and even internationally. Furthermore, you can also check out prizes that honor certain individuals, such as CEOs, entrepreneurs etc for creativity, best practices and other strengths.

If this seems like a daunting task because of the large volume of information out there, check with your PR partner. Because they are running your campaigns and know what’s going on in your industry, they are likely to know where to look and can give you some good suggestions.

Once you’ve found awards you want to apply for, carefully go through their application guidelines and start putting together your portfolio. Here, too, you should work closely with an experienced in-house PR team or a strong PR partner. They are storytellers and have experience in portraying you and your company in the best light possible. And, of course, they are just as interested in your business winning the prize as you are, so you can rely on them to take this as seriously as you do.

If you need a partner to help you get on the radar of a certain awards committee, want to know which prizes to apply for and guide you through the process, get in touch with us by e-mail or have a look around our website www.midas-pr.com to learn how we can help you get the public recognition you deserve.