With our ten-year company anniversary approaching, we decided it was time to rebrand Midas PR. Here are the things we’ve changed any why.

A New Name to Reflect Growth

As of November 14, 2016, our first branch office in Los Angeles, California opens its doors. Now our services are available both in Thailand and the United States. To reflect this growth, we decided to change our name from Midas PR to Midas PR Group. This should highlight that we are still the same company, but are now bigger and more international.

A New Logo to Go Along with It

Since Midas has been growing and developing steadily, we decided to update our logo as well. We kept the original golden apple which has been part of the logo from the very beginning but decided to add a new color. The classic gold that links to the legend of King Midas is now highlighted with purple. It represents growth, strength and creativity, all attributes we celebrate here at Midas PR Group.

An Improved Website

With a new name, logo and color scheme, it was only natural that we should also update our website. We simplified the navigation and made information about our services more accessible. This way, potential clients will have an easier time finding what they are looking for and understanding exactly how we can assist them. We added case studies of past projects as well, to showcase our work. This illustrates our successful campaigns and will better show that we can support companies from a wide variety of backgrounds.

A Larger Number of Services for Our Clients

Over time, Midas has significantly expanded the types of work it does. While we continue to provide classic public relations services, we expanded our repertoire further into the digital and artistic realm. New projects we now take on include artist representation, video production and branding. The most exciting addition to our services however, is that we now offer our clients the possibility to take part in unique lifestyle experiences. If you’ve ever wanted to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show live or speed through Scotland in supercars and sleep in ancient castles, we can help you make it happen.

As we increase the number of services we offer and expand our reach, we will be able to serve our clients even better and make them stand out in a unique way.