The outbreak of Coronavirus created fast and unprecedented changes across the globe. States are striving to keep their populations safe, people are scrambling for the supplies, while organizations are struggling for business, particularly, the hospitality industry. Maintaining a consistent online presence can give you a head-start for when the situation returns to normal. People will remember how your hotel or resort handled the situation. There are many effective ways you can communicate your  audience:

Token of Consideration

If you are still open — put your guests at ease, especially those, who are about to arrive and are naturally anxious. Apart from a regular booking confirmation email, it would be helpful to include a message about the measures you have taken such as closing the gym and/or pool.

Leave a positive impression

In the event that there are no bookings, or you closed the doors, or need to cancel reservations — use it as an opportunity to leave the line of communication open. Offer discounts on future bookings within a year. Give away coupons for subscribing to your social media. Try to do everything possible to show your ability to handle the situation professionally and with care about your guests.

Maintain a good image by engaging in CSR

Using hard sales tactics now can be perceived as insensitive. The best way to showcase you care is by highlighting what you’re actually doing. By quickly rising to this occasion, brands will gain exposure and praise from consumers and non-governmental organizations. It will have a positive impact on your reputation if you also involve your employees.  Use your social media to share the information about donations you make, CSR activities you organise and the beneficiary organisations you help.

Invest in talent

Picture the tsunami of people who will book their vacations when the pandemic is under control, and travel bans are lifted. Surely, you’ll need all hands on deck and more. People will be expecting top-tier service, and demanding the highest sanitation standards. If you lay people off now, will they be willing to return later? If you want to reopen next season in the best shape, you need to think about staff retention.  Internal communication, particularly for big hotels, will be the key for survival long-term. Be prepared to answer the question “How did your management handle the Coronavirus pandemic? How were your staff taken care of?” Showing how your business assists your staff will surely help to keep and attract talent.

While we can’t physically connect with people, it’s paramount that we maintain and improve our relationships. We live in an era where communication tools are right at the tips of our fingers. Using those tools will surely raise your credibility, and can convert to sales in the future. Find out the many ways you can maintain your social media communication Contact today