In the face of the deinfluencing trend, proactively adapting your influencer marketing strategy by leveraging the power of nano influencers should be a top priority. Here’s how to pinpoint the right nano voices and start your partnership.

Tips on selecting nano influencers

Though the definition varies, social media users whose followers range from 1,000 to 5,000 are generally considered nano influencers.

In addition to employing a third-party influencer management agency, you can prospect for potential nano influencers by examining the profiles of your follower base and monitoring people who tag you or engage with your posts on social media.

In addition to checking the number of followers, you should also vet their storytelling styles and content development approach to ensure that your brand’s narrative can fit organically into their content, thus resonating with their communities.

Set actionable timeline

Remember that nano influencers are not usually full-time content creators; most juggle a ‘day job’ alongside their creative social media pursuits. As such, your partnership is probably not their only priority, and it may take them longer to respond and move things along.

To manage expectations and set parameters for a harmonious working relationship, both parties must reach a consensus on the schedule and pace of content creation to enable steady and successful execution.

Provide necessary guidance and expectation

Unlike their macro counterparts and celebrities, nano influencers are usually social media users who share candid and authentic content with minimal editing. Considering their limited brand partnership experience, you should provide a clear and well-presented brief that elaborates on your expectations regarding product highlights, hashtags, discount codes or backlinks to be conveyed or inserted in their content. They may also need guidance on setting your joint content on professional mode for easy evaluation and optimisation.

As nano influencers are closely connected with their communities, ensure you don’t exert too much control. Instead, make ample room for creative freedom to enable creators to convey your message authentically in a way that aligns with the natural tone of voice and style their followers have come to expect.

While macro influencers and celebrities can still lend prestige and volume of reach to your brand, elevating authenticity with the right voices can help safeguard your brand against the growing deinfluencing trend.

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