There are many misconceptions that people have about the field of public relations and the work that we do. This was made very clear when I recently attended an event with several business leaders and managers. I had the opportunity to have a discussion with an executive from a fairly large company that has been doing business in Bangkok for over 12 years with an annual average revenue in excess of 500 million baht. This gentleman was expressing his frustration about managing his company in a highly competitive market. I then asked if he had ever worked with a PR firm and was stunned to hear him reply that he had not and did not see how one could benefit him in the future. It was then that it occurred to me that not enough people understand what it is that PR agencies do and how it is that we can benefit them by helping to unlock their potential and ultimately reach their goals. Here is a look at a few myths that many people have about hiring a PR agency.

PR agencies are only for large companies

This is probably one of the most prolific and universal myths out there, and nothing could be further from the truth. The size of your organization is irrelevant. Small and medium-sized companies can benefit just as much as large conglomerates. A PR firm can also benefit you by helping to promote an event, or building brand awareness around a single product or person. As a client, you gain access to a wealth of bespoke services that can be individualized to fit the needs of your business. PR partners give you access to expert level professionals whose sole purpose is to help you promote and grow your business while utilizing the skills, tools, talent and network of the PR agency that you hire.

Hiring a PR agency is expensive

Budgeting and allocating advertising funds appropriately is a concern for every business. One mistake that managers often make is thinking that they will save money by NOT hiring a PR firm. In reality, organizations often risk the possibility of losing money because they do not have the expertise or a strategic plan for how to most effectively market their product, brand or company. Navigating between the options available in print media, online media, and social media can be daunting and overwhelming. Knowing where to get the most return on your investment (ROI) is what PR agencies do best.

PR agencies need to be hired on a full-time basis

Most PR firms have no such requirement. They can be hired for a long term basis to handle all public relations and media for a company or simply hired to handle a specific area such as online and print media. They can even be hired for a one time only campaign or promotion. Most PR agencies offer free consultations where your organizational needs can be expertly assessed and recommendations can be made on how to best help you reach your goals.

Only new companies or new products need PR

No matter what field your business is in, the landscape is always changing and competition is always on the horizon. It goes without saying that it is critical for new businesses to build brand awareness and get their product in front of the right consumers. However, PR is just as important for well-established companies and brands as it is for newcomers. Having the right PR team behind you can help you stay relevant, keep you on top of market trends and ensure that you are always staying one step ahead of the competition.

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