Volvo Cars showed its commitment to climate neutrality by linking driving safety to climate change in its marketing campaign. Starbucks launched its Shared Planet programme and publishes comprehensive progress reports on the environment, ethics, and community.

Here are some tips that can help you create and develop your own ESG narrative:

Make sure that your key message is focused and consistent

ESG is a broad concept, but there is no need to emphasise every aspect. Before planning your ESG communication strategy, identify the most relevant elements to your business and/or sector. This will guide you on where to focus your communication efforts. Narrate the unique relationship between these elements and your business across all channels. This will help your company deliver a unified narration that will clarify to your audience which aspect of ESG you are committed to.

Keep your content informational rather than promotional

Infographics, testimonials, or articles by internal experts are all good ways to engage your audience with motivational stories about your company’s ESG efforts. Ensure ESG-related content is informational rather than promotional; your audience will likely pay more attention to your message if they believe it is not self-serving or congratulatory. If a call to action forms part of your key messaging, this should be an action with social or environmental benefits rather than benefitting your business profits.

Spread the words on relevant media channels

As earned media is one of the most effective methods of shaping public perception and awareness and can also help make your sustainability efforts and visions more visible to the masses. You may want to develop public relations tactics that feature your ESG efforts or your experts cited on ESG matters relevant to your industry in the appropriate regional, national, and global media.

Tell your ESG-inspired business success

Transparency goes a long way to developing and maintaining your audience’s trust and confidence. Regularly communicate your ESG efforts’ tangible impacts, including how they affect enhanced output and improved product or service quality.

A carefully planned and executed ESG communication strategy that delivers a consistent message to your audience across all platforms over a sustained period can cement your organisation’s values and increase brand loyalty.

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